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Saw this profile


It looked a bit suspicious but had a phone number which I called. There was no answer so I forgot all about it. Twenty minutes later I get a text message from another number saying it is Agge and that she cannot talk. The text language is good English but I am still a little bit suspicious. I arrange a meeting at the Holiday Inn hotel and turn up on time. I have to wait ten minutes before I get a reply saying that she will be another 15 minutes. This pisses me off and I have to leave as I need to be back at work and losing 25 minutes is now a problem.

twenty five minutes after I leave I get another text message with a room number saying she is ready now! I take another look at her profile and notice some anomalies with the people who have left her feedback and the people she has left feedback for. So has anyone else seen her? Or is this another EE ran bait and switch, something that seems to be plaguing Sheffield right now? If it is, their profiles are getting a bit better.
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She was advertising in Cambridge a few weeks ago, I agree FB looks suspect probably best avoided.

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