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Author Topic: Croatia - Split  (Read 2272 times)

What's the punting scene like in Split? Any advice or recommendations?

Sadly., its several years since I was there but at that time, there was good street action (though I suspect the area will have moved several times).
The prices were as cheap as could be and 2 girls could be enjoyed for very small reward :yahoo:
Not much help to you I know but it was fun remembering...........

Offline SWLondon

I was there a couple of years ago with the mrs, so didn't see much in the terms of sex.  But I did notice a few cars advertising free taxi rides to / from strip clubs.  There is zero street scene as far as I can see.

I went to Croatia recently and found they have a very zero tolerance policy. 

Offline mike11

Punting scene in split? There is no such a thing unless you are really hard up and willing for anything.

Certainly avoid taxis belonging to clubs unless you want to be totally ripped off or man handled.

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