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Author Topic: Why didn't I think of this...  (Read 1102 times)

Offline Suzanna Newcastle

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Next time you see me I'll have my AW username and number all over my car. Ideal for discreet outcalls!  :lol:

Offline skipper121

perhaps you could have a flashing light on top - red of course.  And how about some ice cream chimes.  Name that tune!

Offline lovelysofia92

Why not get a tattoo on your forehead with your website url and AW name?  :dash:

Offline skipper121

Why not get a tattoo on your forehead with your website url and AW name?  :dash:

Good point.  I'm thinking of having one that says I'm sex starved and lonely - please donate freely  :)

Offline Happy99

She is in Hull so probably a big scratch mark down the other side. She claims to be a kick boxer, well she certainly has the face of a (unsuccessful) boxer  :wacko:

Offline overhead

Here's a quote from her web site.

"Your Mistress Dita is discreetly located near Hull town Centre."

Not with a car like that parked outside, it isn't.

I wonder how many outcalls she does during the day.

She sounds like a fucking nightmare.

Free advertising for AW on the car, I wonder how much they pay her.

Subtler is to have a sort-of personalised number plate.

On a couple of occasions recently, I've seen a car with the plate " *5 SXY" [I've deliberately not put the first initial] which made me wonder if those were the initials [surname beginning with "S"] of the blonde driving it; and if she's a WG. :unknown:

If she is, she's probably a Courtesan! ;)

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