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Author Topic: Wet Susie (AdultWork)  (Read 1556 times)

Worst punt of my life was Wet Susie found on AW.  Bargain at 80 an hour... worth maybe 8.  Profile almost a total fabrication (at least she was female!)

Empty house, no bed, duvet on floor, fan heater in corner, reasonable looking bint BUT I wasn't allowed to suck her tits, or lick her pussy.  Her so-called massage was nothing, her BJ was perfunctory (covered).  I had to put the condom on myself and sex only mish was allowed.  I think I set a record for poke and squirt just to get the hell out of there.

I regret not giving her a bad FR.  Apologies to all who may have stumbled upon her unawares through my lack of reportage.

Deals that are too good to be true often are.  You always pay for what you learn.


Offline Marmalade

I did a quick search but was unable to find anyone with that nic. Maybe she has left or changed her name.

I don't know what the usual is in Herts. Where I punt I would not consider that sucking tits, oral, or reverse oral are extras unless indicated in advance. I also reported an excellent punt recently for £80 for the hour, and it is pretty derogatory to suggest someone is poor on account of the price charged. (Unlisted outcall, slim blonde good-looking 25yrs old, all services mentioned above were included, and she was great GFE and extended our time together for extra drinks and chat.)

I sympathise with the OP's misfortune. Reminds me of my appointment once with this girl
and practically every other directory going (age varies)
(Cold flat, and almost everything was a no-no, although I did feel sorry for her. There was an extended discussion on ISG about her which added balance - most punters had been disappointed. When I checked I think there is also at least one bad FR for her on PN. But one person said they had had good service in her earlier days.)

And in spite of being on Adultwork for four years, she doesn't have a single Field Report as of the time of writing.
I'm going back a bit now so who knows, she may have improved again.

Best to read and use the new UKP Guide to using AW here:

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Marmalade that post deserves a thread of its own imo, as the lady is still advertising.

Offline Marmalade

Quote from: bunzywunzy
Marmalade that post deserves a thread of its own imo, as the lady is still advertising.
I thought about it, but as my personal experience with her is slightly dated now, I thought that recent FRs should get more weight.

Offline Keen Punter

Quote from: afriendofafriend
Empty house, no bed, duvet on floor, fan heater in corner
I'd have walked out there and then.

Offline Jimmyredcab

Quote from: Keen Punter
I'd have walked out there and then.

Yes, you are quite right -------- but sometimes the brain in the pants takes over from the brain in the head.

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