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Author Topic: Miss Golden Curves - Bromsgrove  (Read 8752 times)

3 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2048564) (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bod666

Finally plucked up the courage to go see Miss Golden Curves this morning - https://www.adultwork.com/2048564 or https://www.adultwork.com/miss+golden+curves.

She's only got two pieces of feedback on AW - the first positive and the 2nd indicating that she was a time waster.  So I wasn't full of hope - particularly as it took a few times to get hold of her on the phone.  She gave me her post code and when I parked in the area the first few times I rung no answer.  I had a sinking feeling but on the 3rd attempt got hold of her and she (rather haphazardly) directed me to where she was.  She's not from Bromsgrove (but is from the west mids) so has no idea about the local geography.

Finally found her apartment and got let in - and oh my! Way hotter than she looks on her AW pics - she is a very cute and hot brunette with blue eyes and a figure you just want to eat.  She's a part time escort (has a real life job) and is friendly, chatty and cute.  I was offered a massage but wanted to great straight down to business.  Had some nice kissing and caressing progressing to covered oral and then shagging in several positions.  I only booked a half hour session and it's only a one pop limit for 30 mins so once I popped that was it.  However unlike a lot of escorts I've seen there was no mad rush to put the clothes back on and we had a nice naked chat for the remainder of my time.  Really nice girl, great to spend time with and I'll be back for a longer visit next time I can.

Well recommended - particularly in the escorting wasteland that is Worcestershire.  However chaps be warned she's picky about who she sees and doesn't see that many a day so if she doesn't like the sound of you - you may be out of luck!

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Stew

Thanks for that Bod.

Aye it is a desert round here. I haven't punted for a few months now and I've got Golden Curves on my radar for my next punt whenever finances allow.


Offline dilettante

Yes, the desert includes Wales as well - plenty of rather 'comely' maidens at rather inflated prices.  Glad it worked out for you, sounds like it was a mind-blowing encounter!  :wacko:  After my first ever punt, in Jan this year in Germany, I 'discovered' AW and found an absolutely gorgeous girl in Worcester offering COF and sex for £70ph - I couldn't believe it, saved the photo of her lying invitingly on the bed and emailed her - trouble was that seemed to trigger her to delete her account, I don't think she'd logged in for months!

Offline bod666

Yes there seems to be quite alot of fake accounts in worcester - no idea why. We also get a lot of eastern europeans that stay here for a week or 2 then move on. I've had 1 great punt in worcester in 3 years. And i live here! I mostly drive up to birmingham when the itch needs scratching.

Cheltenham seems to be well stocked but i only went there once and the girl was a little too crazy for my tastes. Nice tho.

Offline Stew

Bod. Have you had any meets with the bunch that frequent the hotels north of Droitwich? There seems to be a team of hookers that show up there regularly for a few days then off they go, returning a few weeks later.

Offline bod666

Hi Stew, do you mean the bunch that use the holiday inn off junction 5 of the m5? I've seen one eastern european girl that was part of a group where you ring an english girl to make the booking. The girl i met wasn't the same as the pics on aw and was too close to trafficking for me. I wrote a negative review about ig. There does seem to be a bunch of ee girls that are carted around various hotels in the west mids and all have nil feedback on aw. I'm not seeing any of them again. Much prefer to see independents.

have you seen any of them?

Offline Stew

Aye that's the place.

I saw a gorgeous Romanian lass there back in January who left the UK a few weeks later, her AW profile went and the mobile number I had for her is out of action. Maya or something like that her "name" was. Pity she returned to Romania (she said) because she was hot. She was the lass who answered the phone and she said she was an indy which may or may not be true.

I had her on my hotlist for months before funds allowed a punt, and after she left the UK I looked for other lasses in the area and noticed this small crew that seemed to be on a permanent tour in this part of the Midlands.

I spoke with a "friend of a friend"  :blush: who told me about this touring crew so I've been cautious in case of B+S, but since then funds have been tight anyway and I've only punted once with Big Tits Tasha up in Brum.

It's a desert round here though.

Offline aardvark

What did you think about Big Tits Tasha?

Offline Stew

Nice lass and a great big pair of boobs which I loved and she seemed to enjoy me playing with them.

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