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Author Topic: Sophie love&sex  (Read 1678 times)

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Offline erbie

Just back from a booking with https://www.adultwork.com/2142809 or https://www.adultwork.com/sophie+love%26sex

From the get go communication was good, via AW, on the phone and via text (Most likely a maid, see cons)

More a neutral going positive this one!

Arrived at the location to get exact details, replied immediately, location is on a main road, good parking all round, the house is off the main road so discreet enough!

Down to Sophie!

Definitely the girl in the photos, her verification picture is exactly how she looks, I'd say she is 18/19 without a doubt, she wore a little make in an attempt to look a little older perhaps?  I would have preferred her not to but this wasn't requested beforehand anyway..... Without make up she would look a lot more innocent which would be an added turn on, her body is totally Brazilian, gorgeous ass!

Service begun with a massage by me, I had her lay on the bed, emptied some oil onto her back and begun rubbing in, neck back and down to that incredible ass, after a good ten minutes of this and me kissing the booty she could tell I was fully erect, begun stroking me then flipped over, condom on and started sucking.  Really good technique, good hand working and sucking simultaneously, if we she went OWO I would have exploded too soon I'd say, so in my mind I was grateful I had a hat on!  8-10 minutes of this pleasure and went on to missionary, me standing and her on the bed so I was able to give a good thrusting, we both enjoyed this and both begun twisting each others nipples, I could feel her tightening up then a nice little gush from her, I then asked her to go doggy, but on the floor, less bounce from the bed allowing me to pound to my hearts content, this was superb, she has a mirror in the corner, added excitement seeing this all happen from another perspective, she started playing away at her clit then gushed again, then moved her hand further back to grope and massage my balls, at that point I couldn't hold on and emptied into the hat!

Little breather and a nice oiled up massage from her and it was onto round two!

This time I sat on the bed while she was on her knees facing away from the mirror, with this position I was able to admire her backside some more whilst being blown!  Then went for her laying on the bed on her stomach and begun pounding away once more, outrageous view of her butt once again, assumed this position for a while and eventually unloaded once more.

Was then offered a shower, cleaned up and left happy!

Pros for this:

Good location, discreet, the girl in the pictures, gorgeous ass, all natural.


English is very lacking!

Happy punting  :drinks:

Forgot to mention, and if her Engish was better I would have told her, she should really get an ass picture up on her profile
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline vt

Nice one, sounds like I better brush up on my Portuguese before visiting her.

Is the location Benfleet??

Offline erbie

Nice one, sounds like I better brush up on my Portuguese before visiting her.

Is the location Benfleet??

Her English is very basic so could help if you're after making a few more requests perhaps.

Regards to location, yes Benfleet is the area.

Offline vt

Hmm...looks like this profile is being used around the country, last week Scotland, now Brighton. The gallery is now a different, older girl, even though the verification pic is still the same.

Very dodgy...any comments erbie??  :unknown:

Offline philboi

If this girl was seen in the house on the left between the big A13/Canvey roundabout and Tarpots traffic lights she's well dodgy.
That house is run by pimps/agency and defiantly a no go area imo!

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