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Offline ta77

I saw her last week, in Barking

as photos on adultwork, 5ft 5in long blonde hair, green eyes, apparently Romanian.
https://www.adultwork.com/2132758 or https://www.adultwork.com/laura%5Fsweet22

were a bit long winded , she text me a postcode and i called back when i arrived there, to get the house number, got to the door and its a small block of flats, now i have to call again for the flat number (felt glad i was on a unlimited call plan),

When i walked in it was a clean and tidy place, the flats are only a few years old and quite discrete, laura was the girl in the pictures and looked pretty so i felt reasonably happy and paid for 30 minutes (£50), she popped out of the room to put the cash away and returned in no time at all, and started to undress, Nice bum and legs reasonably toned tummy, take off the bra and such a shame, incredibly saggy boobs, it was like they were empty. ok i thought dont worry, its not a deal breaker,

The usual small talk whilst undressing and straight onto the bed.... beep beep, text message, OK i said do you want to quickly answer that, which she does and puts the phone down again next to my leg while she starts with oral. beep beep another message which she answers, phone down and she carry's on, To be honest she was pretty good, then the phone rings, and she bloody answers it... suck suck, "yes i send you address", suck suck, "no no anal", suck , "OK bye"..... enough's enough so i said no more answering the phone please and i moved the phone just out of arms reach. the session felt rushed and i was out in the night air after 25 minutes.

Would i return
while the oral and sex was nice, and the boobs are no fault of her own, i wouldnt return because of the phone issue.
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Offline NightKid

Sorry you had a bad one but, thanks for sharing.

Offline loner

I hate it when WGs answer their phone or text, its a deal breaker for me, when you pay for the time, they should focus their time on YOU.

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