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Author Topic: xxx_mona_xxx Bristol  (Read 4591 times)

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She is swiss......could be the first reliable escort...lol

She is 23.



She certainly isn't Swiss!

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I saw her back in April/May. Did the booking over the phone so didn't have the opportunity to leave feedback.

She is definitely not the girl in the photos.

She is Polish but lives in Germany (or at least that is what she told me). Her English is pretty good, I didn't try out her German as mine is GCSE level from 20 years ago!

As for what she is really like, well, she is ok. The service wasn't bad but she has some pretty major tattoos which are not my thing and are definitely not shown in her pics.

I know she usually rents serviced apartments with a friend so there could be some profile sharing/swapping going on but the pics on Mona's profile are neither of them.


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