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Author Topic: Warning: A new scam? "Hard 2 Say No"  (Read 1379 times)

This profile is priceless, but for most punters since it's outcall only, it won't apply to you.

https://www.adultwork.com/2139477 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hard+2+Say+No

The profile has a lure of exclusivity about it despite having no photos on the profile and I can't deny I was hoodwinked initially by it. So we (me and the profile owner) struck up a conversation, but every time I asked for a photo there would be a rebuttal with another question about me I had to answer. This went on for quite a period of ping-ponging emails back and forth.

In the end I agreed to a booking and supplied a date / time when I would be available on the proviso I received by return a genuine, clear photo. Here's the response I got:

I am happy to send you a photo no problems at all.
I would ask how ever that you are completely discreet with it. and respect my privacy as I will always respect yours.
I also want to be honest with you. Given that I have just started this , I hope you understand I am bit nervous, and have not actually met anyone yet. Not that I have doubts about you, I just need easing in to it. lol. so you can still be my first, .lol
A friend who is on this site with her fiancé, Suggested something which seems to be the way to start for me. you see I have a lover , lol well actually it is my lecturer whom I seduced at college .lol and it turns out he has a very naughty streak too. Any way we have been ‘together’ for some time. He is an academic in his early 40s. Very educated, classy and hot. I told him about my idea and he was cool with it as he loves 3smes. May I entice you in to a 3sme with us. He can just watch or even leave after getting me hot and horny , I don’t mind. As long as I break the ice, So to say. I am not charging any extra for this. It is just a help for me to feel more at ease because honestly trust me if I am at ease you will have such a horny time i will blow your mind. lol and i am quoting this from most guys I have had sex with. lol. and if you are up for it I am all for DP . having two cocks in me mmmmmmmmmmm. Any way as I say my Bf is no riff raff. Very intelligent, sophisticated, chilled and a respectful academic with his hot glasses always on, sometimes even when we are having sex.... Lol
I hope we can do this because I really do want to meet you ,as I like the way you have communicated and been very understanding and honest with me

There is no way on this planet this has been written by an escort. More like a middle aged bloke either genuinely trying to arrange a MMF or a complete fantasist / who's having a wank at the replies he gets. I can't decide which.

Any rate, it made me laugh once I'd sussed it, but I would like to caution others from communicating unless you are intending to hoodwink the profile owner yourself.

Offline zig033

thanks for the warning if she or he ever sends you a pic put it up ;) Also the likes list of her is quite something for someone who is apparently a first timer. watersports receiving, rimming giving, humiliation, enema....

Offline Straife

Why were you hooked by that profile? It looks like one that most people would immediately close. No real details, no pictures, poorly written bio, expensive.

Offline fredpunter

just the frequency she uses 'lol' would put me off anyway

Offline k

Why were you hooked by that profile? It looks like one that most people would immediately close. No real details, no pictures, poorly written bio, expensive.
The prices are in la-la-land, but it is the sort of profile that begs out for sending a speculative email to, just to see what comes back. 

Offline Mystique46m

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How much for just the boyfriend, he sounds DREAMY :)  :). :)

Offline baltar

hahaa yea that is a terrible email.

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