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Author Topic: Scams!  (Read 773 times)

Hi all being new to this what do I have to look out for?
What's a scammer
And how they can relieve me of cash with no punt?
Isn't it a case of just walkin out if its not what it says on the tin?
As I said I'm brand new to this so any pointers will be happily received
Cheers Dan

Offline ncarter

The usual scam most often encountered is 'bait and switch'

You see the website on AW pick your girl, book an appointment and when you get there you find another girl waiting instead (generally less attractive than the one you thought you booked).

If this happens then don't hand your money over and walk simple as that.

Other scams to a lesser extent are where you book a girl who says she does Anal or OWO on her profile for example, you turn up and these services are not permitted (false advertising) always confirm BEFORE you hand over any money what service is not on offer and report back here the offender if they still don't meet your requirements after confirmation.

On AW the most common scam connected to the site is the Private Gallery where you pay money to view images only to find that these are mainly free images from across the web that have been copies and pasted into a gallery to con you into forking out for what you could get for free. AW are happy to run these since they can confiscate the funds if it is a scam (usually when there is a sizeable pot built up).

Offline CoolTiger

Depends what you mean by scam.
If B & S (Bait and Switch the girls), then yes, you could make an excuse and walk out.

If scam of mugging type, i.e. Huge Pimp walks in, then it may not be easy to get your money. Sometimes they've
been known to produce a knife and mug you of your other belongings, such as wallets, cards, or mobile phones.

The following is a typical Pimp + Girl of such scam currently going on in Loughborough (no knife has been produced or other
belongings taken, as of yet):

Offline CoolTiger

The following scam is one of a pimp mugging punters at knifepoint in Mansfield.


That's for that. I was unaware of 90% of the points raised.
Happy SAFE punting everyone!

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