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Author Topic: Music while you punt  (Read 6520 times)

Offline Tailpipe

Music when punting supplied by iPad

ZZ top sharped dress man .

Guns and roses , sweet child of mind.

Amy wine house , love is a losing game.

Any wine house , you know I am no good.

Inner circle , girl I am going to make you sweat . 

One of the weirdest experiences i had was hearing Dangerzone from Top Gun.

I know some of you will shoot me down for this but, in my opinion Top Gun is a pretty gay film  so it was a bit of a juxtaposition

for myself at the moment it's all about one guy who calls himself The Weekend

I can vividly recall Another Level's, ''Freaky With You'' wafting out from an ipod recently. Trying to stay hard with the mental image of a chubby Dane Bowers inside your head is not an easy thing to do.  :(

marilyn manson
pink floyd
old skool rave
chemical brothers

Offline bawbag

fucking to a dizzee rascal album wasnt ideal

Tony Montana

It was like that in Sandys in manchester, local radio playing in the rooms with the odd free adds and traffic updates!! Just what you want.

I remember being balls deep in some girl at sandys and the news report about baby p came on the radio... kinda killed the mood a bit.

Offline Cossack

Radio no way it is crap,turn of big time and Classical & Opera i listen that only when i m driving

But i would not say no to this


The Wanted - 'Glad You Came' - always works for me.

I first heard this when I saw Sasha in Rochester - and it was on - as i actually..... talk about cliche, timing, coincidence.

Never forgot this!

Offline kong

The most offputting was a girl playing Ed Sheeran's 'A-Team' while fucking. Kind of awkward to listen to while having sex  :dash:

Offline Tailpipe

The most offputting was a girl playing Ed Sheeran's 'A-Team' while fucking. Kind of awkward to listen to while having sex  :dash:

Were you in the kong outfit at the time  :cool:

Offline Hydrant

Cause that's the kind of rockin' I need
Takes a pinch and a bite and squeeze
I'm down on my knees
Well come on girl take a chance with me
A good ol' romance, no pants dance for me

Little Feat - Romance Dance

Banning reason: Pestering admin

I've listened to Soft Machines 'Third' Album with a regular, Put on my 3 disk Miles Davis CD with another regular.

This would be a good song to play


Offline skipper121

Put on my 3 disk Miles Davis CD with another regular.

Not the Bitches Brew sessions surely?  Although with the right lady I can imagine it might work

Offline Mark321

I once had a punt and jeremy kyle was on and subject was my daughter is selling sex hahahaha had to laugh

Offline Melb

Prostitute by The Who
I'm a prostitute for another guy
I look pretty tall but my heels are high
The likes list you see is so complicated
I look pretty old but I'll just back-date it

Its normally Chinese or Thai music wherever I go

Offline Kriss

I suppose everybody knows that the music serves as a timer and a pacemaker? Its great, I think, especially for Tantric and/or Nuru massage :D

Offline dilettante

My favourite is a CD of Bach's Cello suites - very soothing and uninstrusive.

Hopefully played on viola, a vast improvement!!  Though if you're having a 2-girl session try the B Minor violin partita, as each movement has a Double ...

... though Benjamin Britten's "Simple Symphony" can't be bettered for punting:-

I. Boisterous Bourrée
II. Playful Pizzicato
III. Sentimental Sarabande
IV. Frolicsome Finale

That's got to be an hour's worth! ;-)

Seriously, of the four WGs I've seen twice each (not including the rip-off Romanian), two had pop music on during the sessions - but I can honestly say I've completely switched off from it so much that I doubt it was even on at all, but it must have been.  Just shows how your mind can play tricks on you, I'm so aware of noise that I sleep with a fan on next to my head, but sometimes after I get up I'm not "aware" the fan is still on for 30 mins or so.

I think Ravel's Bolero is the archetypal music to have sex to ... ?

Offline Twist

It makes sense that Bach is good for shagging. The fugues are so contraPUNTal.

Punts with music are better imo, provided it's not too loud/obtrusive.

And if I was to choose my personal punting anthem this'd be it...



Roland D Hay

The best thing I can hear on a punt is the lady's syncopated breathing. The downside is I have been subjected to commercial radio and shit music like Jesse J - I don't care if it is used as a timer or to stop Mr and Mrs Sedgwick next door hearing, shit music is off-putting and goes some way towards ruining a punt.

Couldn't agree more... Always a bad omen for me when I turn up and the girl insists on playing music, makes me think her focus is elsewhere and it usually is. Some of my shittest punts have been accompanied by the sound of shit music. One even playing directly from a mobile phone so doubly shit cos of the sound quality!

They play music so the lady or pimps in the next room cannot hear the rumply tumpty

One poor lass I had visit me had the misfortune to have "chop suey!" By System of a Down come on 30 seconds after we had started anal. Top marks to the girl though. Never complained till it was over!

Class. Did she sing along  :music:

Back before my accident, a WG asked if i wanted any music. SHe said she didn't have much so i could bring my own cd's.
I had a portable digital player and decided to put selection on so when i visited her, i could plug it in.....

At the MOST appropriate moment, a particular song came on.....
I enjoy RO, and i was a few moments in to it when she realised the song and started laughing.... as did i, luckily!!!!
The song was "My Neck.... My Back..." by Khia. Check it out! I can't cut a link unfortunately. sorry!

However, it was one of the best punts i ever had to date, and became a bit of a theme tune! LoL

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