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Author Topic: Just+Juliet  (Read 6097 times)

Offline joshwinkers

being born in the early 70's wouldn't make you 35 either.

That is a good point. Fwiw I'd imagine that Juliet was pretty much the same age as me at the time, and I'm 39 now, but she certainly looked early 30s at the time and whilst I know a few people here are sticklers for age, to me taking off a couple of years really isn't a big deal.

Calling punters hun is patronizing garbage, I recently refused to see an escort because she used the term in an email. It's chavvy and above all else it's lazy.

I can promise you that Juliet is not chavvy in any way, and I can't remember her calling me hun during the appointment. But if she did, it certainly didn't stop me from having one of the best orgasms I'd had with a working girl in years! :)

Online James999

Hi Hun, are you sure you are looking at my profile??? just juliet??? i think you may be getting me confused with someone else.

No, I even linked a picture from your profile (and have again below) the picture is photoshopped and clearly shows a woman nearer 50 than 30


Online James999

Must admit the pick james tagged isnt the best...

So I clearly wasn't looking at the wrong profile  :dash:

You can't argue about other peoples opinions, I was not alone in thinking you look a lot older than your stated age, either change your stated age or take it up with your photographer  :hi:
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Offline Jason

Ok you said early 70s. That means (at best) you were born in 1973. So you basically confessed that you are at least 40 years old. But most probably you are 43, i.e your profile stated age (33) + 10. That fits well also that you were born in early 70s - exactly in 1970.

Offline Jason

In the flesh you may look as if you are really in your mid-30s. Of course that doesn't mean that you are actually in your mid-30s. But as your pictures are heavily photoshopped I highly doubt it. But I may be wrong as with good makeup you may hide some years from your real age (of 40-43).

Anyway if you want to do honest marketing (which is really more appreciated) then post a high definition video of yourself (just of 1min duration, clothed but showing your face) in your adultwork profile (under movies). Videos give a far more accurate representation of reality than a picture. If in your video you really look as if you are 35 (instead of 40-43 that is your real age) then you will silence some of your doubters.

Offline Talbear

Jesus Christ fellas..... Calm down!!!

Check out her twitter profile, new pics uploaded nearly every day... @julietescort

Fair play to her for coming on here to at least try and defend herself....she may not be everyone's cup of tea, but she's game, not Eastern European and not trying to rip people off with scams

I'll be paying her a visit when she comes back to The Midlands.....

But in my view having seen her pics on Twitter she is mid thirties...  Fair play to you Juliet for at least trying to respond to the criticism....

Hi Everyone,

I found and then joined this forum just yesterday.  This is my first of many posts, I hope  :D

I had the pleasure of Juliet's company for an hour in the summer at HOD in MV.  She's attractive, at the time I had her down as mid-30's, Juliet has a cracking body and also sparkling personaility, great fun to talk to.  Terrific nipples too and a lovely pussy  :P

My first cum with her during our session was breast relief, she then squeezed out another cum from me via CIM   :thumbsup:

Would I visit Juliet again?  Yes.  Would I visit HOD at MV again?  No.

Offline Tjkooker

LIAR. If you were born early 70's that makes you at least 40 now. So what is it 33 , 35 , 40+ or are you even lying about that? Brains obviously dont improve with age. Maybe you have early onset dementia?
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

It might just be the angle of the picture, but she looks pretty old here.

Jesus Christ fellas..... Calm down!!!

Dude, this is a punting forum where we try to deconstruct some of the crap we're told, and occasionally tell each other, about various WGs on offer. Lies, deception and general bullshit are endemic, so the conversation does get a bit lively sometimes as we try to grasp straws of truth where we can.

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