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Author Topic: Lanzarote?  (Read 8485 times)

Offline tomcat600

any ideas of places in lanzarote? many thanks

Offline manc36

I went with there with a bird so didn't punt , but I thought I saw what looked like WG's on the streets late at night. Not like the skanks we have here either.

Some real stunners, few black girls and some 'locals'.

The black girls are most likely from north africa. I'd stay well clear.

The locals must be hot though.

Offline manc36

The black girls are most likely from north africa. I'd stay well clear.

The locals must be hot though.

Oh the locals were seriously hot :)

Offline tomcat600

will have to leave the mrs by the pool and go for a walk then.  :dance:

Online vt

Oh the locals were seriously hot :)

Going by the scene on Tenerife, I very much doubt they were locals, local girls wouldn't be able to escape the moral opprobrium on a small island.

There are even only a few girls from Mainland Spain working on the big island of Tenerife. What you saw were most likely mediterranean-looking Latinas from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela...definitely not a bad thing though!!

Offline jarrovian

Got to admit I had a black girl in lanzorote a few years ago, she was stunning. She gave me her number and arranged an all nighter the following night. I know its risky, but have been checked out since and given a clean bill of health

Offline Maxell

Theres a brothel in Playa Blanca
Went in there one night V Drunk, did not partake of the girls but they LOOKED great
Its on one of the streets that run parallell to the beachfront behind the harbour
Banning reason: Demanding FBSM censorship

Does anyone know if there's any action in Costa Teguise brothels etc.

Cheers :hi: :hi:

Offline Mij

Was there recently...didn't go to any of the brothels but did go to see a nice German woman for a tantric massage just outside of Puerto Del Carmen in a discreet private villa.


Nice, pleasant woman...very open about what she does....no supermodel, but doesn't really matter here as it's all about the massage.

Went for the 90-minute option....120E....well worth it. Great massage including 10 mins penis massage near the start to 'warm me up', back massage, prostate massage, body to body, and a good 30 mins handjob at the end. Relaxed into it so much, and was really trying to control my breathing that at the end of the 90 mins I still hadn't cum! :-) She asked if I wanted to, which I did, so had an extra 5 mins or so with me trying NOT to control myself! :-)

Great ending....

Had a relax on the table for a good 10 mins, then a shower and another chat...must have been there well over 2 hours in all.

VERY relaxing....more of a tender, erotic massage than anything therapeutic like Swedish or Thai. Had a nice kip in the afternoon! :-)

Will def go back and see here when I'm next on the island.

Would give a POSITIVE but no review section on here for overseas!


Offline jarrovian

Had an all nighter with a gorgeous black girl 4yrs ago, as a previous poster says, it is risky but she was good and I'm still here

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