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Author Topic: Help ! I'm a newbie and what it means dfk owo?  (Read 1445 times)

Offline Jumbo mambo


Hi can any1 explain some words used in this forum please?

Dfk = ?
Vfm ?
A levels?
Dt ?

For now that's it but there is more to come....

Many thanks... :coolgirl:

Offline essexmat

Are you serious? If so you are in the wrong 'game'

Offline Jumbo mambo


Cim I can see it but the other shit....

Dude I have been punting in my 18 y old when I lived in Hong Kong ..and there is a human size aquarium full of girls inside with numbers on their shirts from 1 to 139.....  Wrong game? . .... No lost in translation yea!   :hi:
Not only me but lot off newbies.....in brazil  a room with 30 girls to choose... With hotel included....


Dude u should travel a bit ...and you will see what game is out there...as you maybe only know ad work and soho walk up ..... :dash:

Offline James999

Dfk = Don't Fucking Kare
Vfm = Vaginas Fairly Minging
A levels = A new self leveling bed
Dt = Double time (means you pay extra between the hours of 6am - 6pm and 6pm - 6am
Cim= Cash In Myhand

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