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Author Topic: Alkmaar and Amsterdam. Netherlands  (Read 1234 times)

Tony Montana

Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alkmaar is a large historic town about 30 km north of Amsterdam.  Despite it’s attractive centre and impressive cathedral it is very much off the beaten track for tourists.  The RLD is a single street named “Achterdam” east of the main square in the centre of the town, i.e. the shield-shaped island surrounded by canals.

There are about 20 windows, mainly populated by Romanians who will offer a suck and a fuck for €35.  The girls are quite attractive, most being a 7 or 8 out of 10 but the service they give is basic and perfunctory.  I sampled two of the girls and the service was the same.  You pay your cash, strip naked and then lay on the bed.  The girl applies a condom to you whatever state of readiness you are in, and optimistically sucks you to erection.  With one girl I attempted to roll down the condom a bit more and was immediately scolded “DON’T TOUCH!” as she must have thought I was trying to remove it.  As soon as you get hard, sex is in missionary or doggy.  Any other position cost extra and there is no kissing, no GFE, no compliments, no false affection, just a good looking girl who rents out her vagina for 10 minutes at a time.  If that is what you expect, you can be happy with what you get.  If you are used to the GFE service you can get in the UK, it is a fucking empty experience.

As soon as you cum, the girl wriggles her way from underneath you and washes herself while you get dressed and quickly bolt out of the door.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The RLD in Amsterdam is well known and a massive tourist attraction.  Consequently is it absolutely packed with gawpers looking at the girls as if they are in a zoo but with no intention of succumbing to the girls “come hither” gestures.  The RLD is centred around the “Oude Kerk” (old church) and seems to come alive about 10 pm when most of the windows are populated by stunningly beautiful Eastern European girls.  The standard price is €50 for a suck and a fuck, and just like Alkmaar, there is nothing more despite a €15 price hike which I guess is due to the tourism aspect.  The girls here don’t even take off their bikini tops unless you pay extra and sex is in one position only.  I found some of the most attractive girls in a street called “Trompettersteeg”.  I say a street, but it is more of an alleyway narrowing to less than 1 metre wide as it comes out near the (in)famous Bulldog coffeeshop.

The girl was a tall, slim, blonde Hungarian and in looks, an 11/10.  Absolutely gorgeous, a vision. But again the service was so basic I could have been shagging a piece of meat in Dewhurst’s butchers for all the interaction she provided.  Far more concerned that the condom stays on, then providing value for money she lay there passively hoping it would be over soon.  Again, as soon you are finished and dressed, you are hustled out of the door to be sniggered at by the hundreds of Japanese tourists squeezing into the narrow alleyway.

Offline Jerboa

Yes good report, that's exactly how the window experience can be, especially In De Wallen, though I did surprisingly have pretty good services there, yeah punting there Is like being In a zoo, lots of straight tourists gawping and sniggering at the girls, I even saw parents taking young kids for a walk along the canal, non tourist areas will always be better VFM.

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