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Author Topic: Location in title when wrting a review.  (Read 698 times)

Offline Gatts

I'm just posting this thread to request that more people include the WG's location in the titles when writing reviews, for example: Sexy Gemma - Wimbeldon.

Only because I (I'm not sure if I'm the only one) read reviews and see like to see girls that are not too far from myself and I live in greater London, and its a big place so a lot of the time the girls are too far for me to travel, if the location was in the title it would be a lot better as I can just pic which reviews I'd like to read.

So please do it a bit more!!!


Offline NightKid

Already been doing it since my 4th review.

Offline skipper121

Good suggestion. It would really help when looking for good punts in specific areas

Always try and do it

Always include her name(s) and numbered profile link as this remains same even if she changes her name :)

Offline Urban_G

Not a bad idea, but you must remember to spell the place correctly for searching purposes ;)

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