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Author Topic: tall blonde that's all  (Read 972 times)

Offline Jumbo mambo

Hi everyone I'm looking 4 a tall blonde for sexy time !!!

Not to expensive
OraL and anal will be a great extra... No Romanianplease...not a racist but they are not the real deal ....waste my time ...any advice ??
Will post a review as soon as I pop!!! :music: :crazy:

Offline Tailpipe

A 4ft tall blonde not many about  :D :D

Offline Jumbo mambo

I seen 1 she's a smurf...

No 1 loves a blonde tall or a Barbie with long legs ??

From your experience what's wrong with Romanians escorts?  Once I went in a Lapdance bar and the two Romanians were the most sexy and allowed touching. In Fantasy Palace there was a tall (6ft!) slim Romanian with small rounded bum, black coal hair, and good-sized breast that for her slim, snake-like body looked perfect size. The second Romanian was more curvy and asked her if she escorts and she kind off had her lips sealed (as if she wanted to reply yes, but could not).


Try VIP Roaxane in plimico - see my UKP review - she is tall 6'2'' + in heels

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