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Author Topic: What happens during an "overnight booking?". How long and what do you do?  (Read 30363 times)

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This is a copy of a report I did for a recent overnighter:

Re: Tipping the Velvet
« Reply #6 on: 02 February 2012, 07:30:09 »
Location: Isle of Man
Fee: Discussed and arranged, plus travel expenses paid
Duration: Overnight

I had the pleasure of spending time with Miss Squires last night. She arrived on time without any delays with flights etc. We arrived at our room in the hotel and not long after the pleasantries and catch up were out of the way, we were soon kissing and cuddling each other. This lead to us unwrapping each other from our clothes. carrying on kissing, and then Annabel headed south and gave me some owo. boy oh boy, she likes this. The use of her tongue was amazing and I was soon stood to attention. Plenty of time passed by, so on with the hat and she jumped on top and sex was had until a climax was reached.

We then went off out for dinner in a Tapas restaurant. We finished our meal and we were soon back at the hotel. More time for further catching up.

The next session followed with different things being tried. I studied my 'a' levels with her this time and the compliment was returned with a little reverse 'a'. This time we decided that CIM was the way forward. So after the condom was removed OWOTC ensued. Annabel took my load in her mouth and lady like disappeared to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Loads of time had disappeared and then suddenly a midnight run to McDonalds then followed to finish off the evenings frolicking. We got back to the hotel about 1am roughly, watched a DVD, then some sleep followed before I drove Annabel back to the airport for the 1st flight back to Manchester.

All in all, quality time spent with a fun girl, who I wouldn't hesitate in seeing again or recommending to anyone else.

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The post before yours was dated April 2011, why revive such an old thread?

 Much better to start a new one.

Annabel is a member here.

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If the motivation for overnight bookings is indeed about filling the gap of intimacy and snuggly sleeping together that someone may miss from a recently ended long term relationship or something, then to me that's a damn costly (in the UK) way to fill that gap for a mere number of 'waking' hours. Many times in Thailand I've enjoyed overnights, but as someone else pointed out on this thread, the difference financially is vast and as the situation becomes blurred over there it's common to get to know girls and end up overnighting with them for weeks on end at minimal costs if everybody gets on well and wants to go off and do things together in the daytime and night for fun, rather than it being a day by day and night by night financial transaction. If there was a financial transaction it was for the short time and then she wanted to sleep with me overnight and I was fine with that. I can think of a few Thailand based overnighters where it was a new girl and I was unloading my balls several times over the course of the night, but normally there was sex about twice in the evening and then we went to bed and slept until morning. It all felt quite different, and the term GF Experience really comes into its own in Thaiiland. Ordinarily I reckon somebody would have to be really really aroused to be able to sustain sex several times during the course of the night and early hours on an overnight booking,. £400+ for an overnight? Each to their own  :unknown:

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The post before yours was dated April 2011, why revive such an old thread?

 Much better to start a new one.

Annabel is a member here.
Surely it would make more sense to move that post on  the guy's overnight to the sp reviews?

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