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Author Topic: Northern Ireland Punting - Please rate these two girls.  (Read 5351 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/1832368 or https://www.adultwork.com/Belfast%5Fmegan

https://www.adultwork.com/1596476 or https://www.adultwork.com/tigerlilly84

After popping my cherry with a WG in the West Midlands a couple of months ago, I'm keen to explore the delights on offer a
bit closer to home in Northern Ireland.  The two profiles above caught my eye but any other recommendations would be taken into consideration.
I'm looking to bone a beautiful girl in her mid twenties, preferably dark haired with a nice curvy figure and big breasts.  The WG I lost my virginity
to was blond and attractive but was probably closer to 50 years old than the 30 she claimed in her profile and was a
bit too skinny and flat chested for my liking.  As a result I wasn't as turned on as I thought I'd be for my first time and
 she couldn't make me cum.  (In the end had to resort to wanking over her while imagining I was with my hot next door neighbour!)

https://www.adultwork.com/1832368 or https://www.adultwork.com/Belfast%5Fmegan

https://www.adultwork.com/1596476 or https://www.adultwork.com/tigerlilly84

I wonder if some of your difficulties in cumming might be also partly have been down to "newbie nerves"?  Just a thought.

Anyway, never having punted in N.I., I obviously don't know these girls.  But if I were in your shoes, I'd be considering things like: the amount of Feedback; age; Galleries, for example.

Neither has been working that long but both already have quite an impressive amount of Feedback which seems to come from a mixture of clients who've also got quite a lot of feedback and those who've only got one or two.  Despite not having worked as long as Lilly, Megan's actually got more Field Reports - perhaps she encourages clients to give vent to their, erm, "literary talents"?  I notice that one of her FRs is written by someone who describes himself as a "nervous guy", btw; although I notice in the same report the punter docked her a mark, apparently for not switching her phone off.

On the other hand, tiger lilly describes herself being turned on by the "older mature type"; is that you? ;)    And she doesn't shave her pubes; that's not so common; most girls are at least partially shaven - would finding the full bush be a turn-on or a turn-off for you?   And, although she doesn't show BDSM on her list of "Enjoys", she offers to take the paddle to you!  [Is it too early in your punting career for that?!]

One of the things I liked about Lilly's Gallery [each girl included photos which I'd have expected to see in her Private Gallery! :P  If there are photos like that in the Gallery, goodness only knows what's in the Private Galleries!] was that she passed Jimmyredcab's "showing her face" test.

At the end of the day, of course; it's your choice.  If I remember rightly from your earlier thread, I'm about 30 years older than you, so what floats my boat might leave you high and dry.  I think I'd go for Lilly first; her hourly rate's a bit less and as an "older mature type", I think I'd be more comfortable with her.  Anyway, there's nothing stopping you seeing them both in turn, is there?  Fill yer boots, lad! ;)

PS: Don't suppose there's any chance of getting your hot neighbour to play, is there?! ;)

Offline BristolP

The pictures of Megan are of a girl far older than 22.
The pictures of Lilly are a believable 28.
There are a couple of bad points in Megan fb.
Lilly has fb from guys who how have seen girl I have met and liked, making it more believable for me.
Lilly is cheaper,
Lilly has face pictures.

I know which one I would pick purely from the profiles. But I haven’t met them either.

Offline potato

The first one is much older than 22, more like 32  to me.  The second one looks much more fun and her age appears to be pretty accurate.  If the second one was over here I think I would be risking a punt on her!

Offline Tailpipe


This is what you posted on the 11th June

"Now I'm in business so to speak, I'm actually really keen to set up another appointment soon with a really pretty dark haired girl who is an authentic 20 to 25 year old.  I'm up for trying someone curvy, maybe a size 10 or 12. I really fancy dark haired women ( Suzanna Reid from breakfast tv is so hot)  and can visit them pretty much anywhere in the country north of London.  Any suggestions would be most welcome"

Speed not one of your stronger point then  :sarcastic:

Ha ha yes TP well spotted, I considered visiting a WG back in June but between one thing and another it never materialised.

 Many thanks to everyone for your thoughts and thanks RL for the PM, I will take your advice onboard.

Tigerlilly is my first choice so it's good to hear you guys think she is the best one to go for.  Face photos are vitally important imho, I probably wouldn't have visited the previous lady if she had shown her face in her gallery photos.

Offline StikiWiki

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Offline StikiWiki

Yeah, Thanks, agree, she is good fun, although has a fiery temper when I realised I had double booked, LMAO. Thought I had better see her and blow the other one out, who was a foreigner !!!!

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