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Author Topic: Miss Secret - Reading, anyone....?  (Read 2927 times)

Offline ciscoxxx69


....had the pleasure with this lady?

Rates are very low for this area, likes list looks incomplete (stops at oral) ...very limited Galleries, so not likely to earn a fortune from PVT picture donations, just wondered if anyone has actually seen her to comment?

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Offline James999

Odd, looks like a suss profile and for a 28 year old isn't an e mail addy "Littlegirl@gmail.com" rather odd, Reading is for some reason a really shit area as so many are fakes / scams.

was suspicious of her too...doesn't reply to email so dropped her a txt and seems legit but not reliable.
txted straight back and suggested incall at local hotel in RG1 then couldn't confirm a room booking until following day...not great when she advertises as available everyday.

Offline berksboy

  You know you can do better then her mate !

  You know you can do better then her mate !

Not wrong BerksBoy ... saw she set up a PG and slow work day yesterday so decided to go scam hunting
...in hindsight one of those days where you realise you have way too much time on your hands

Offline tim99uk

Reading has been a mixed bag for me, most of the girls I have met really dont have to much experience, and I have had to operate inside limits that were not set on the profile ( do any of the girls write their own profiles?? )

So looking on miss secrets profile, there were not many services, but knew what to expect ( just like to know what i am getting before i hand over cash!)

I have visited this girl twice in Reading, she works out of a hotel near the train station and is always freshly showered with a spacious clean room and at 50 quid per 30 min session. 

Her first language is not English so there is a little difficulty with expressing what you like, but not to bad.

She is curvy, busty and a nice girl..only downer is that I like finger fucking and licking puss..which was off limits ( weird i know..just my thing :) )

However the over all impression was that she was eager to please, did not clock watch and worked for herself rather than a pimp all of which made me relaxed and able to enjoy myself.

I would on balance recommend her.

She was fucking terrible when I saw her....

Offline tim99uk

How so..put on some weight?

Offline tim99uk

ah well ..i thought £50 for a quickie, not expecting much so low expectations were met tbh.

that being said, she was showered and the room was clean.

Anyways, she no longer works from what i can see so a moot point :)



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