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Author Topic: Escort ages  (Read 615 times)

Offline ManInBlack

Started this in the uk area, was meaning to put it in NE for a more local response!!!

Just thought I'd open up a bit of conversation on escort's ages.....

A couple of girls I've seen recently have clearly been older than the age stated in their profiles.  One claimed to be 29 but was probably mid-30s while the other claimed to be 26 and was actually more like late 20s/early 30s.  For me this wasn't an issue as they were both good looking with nice bodies and they were both good experiences (I plan to review both soon).

What is everyone's thoughts on this?  I can see why girls would choose to appear younger than they are, but would people prefer them to be honest?  In the two instances I mention above I don't think knowing their true ages in advance would've stopped me booking.  Their pictures looked good and one in particular had plenty good feedback.  For me, if someone's 35 but has a cracking body, I'd rather they didn't try to pass themselves off as 29, it makes them look a bit dishonest when you arrive and they're clearly older than expected.

In people's experiences is there a formula to be used to calculate a girls true age eg stated age plus 5?

Any other thoughts on this?

Offline Tailpipe

With agency web sites can be more like plus 10 years.

If you ask a WG they say they lie so they get picked up on search , or that’s one reason.

In the real life there are some very nice 40 years olds but when punting I use 20 to 25

I guess in real terms that cover up to 30.

Think we did a poll on here and most use 20 to 30 or near that range when searching.

If a WG had been working from the age of 20 by 30 that’s a lot of cock.

Not often talked about but long term WG syndrome is a big problem when I consider
A punt with older WG.  There have been some examples posted here in the last couple
Of weeks where good WGs service declined over time.


I think most guys prefer the 20 to 30 age group and that many of the WGs who advertise on AW state an age that enables them to be picked up in a search in that range.
I think that most of the agencies lie about the age of the girls on their site and you can probably add a few years. Anywhere between 5 and 10.

Any other thoughts on this?
Age isn't too much of a problem with me. I guess many of the girls who advertise do try to appear younger than they really are; and it's possible with agency girls that the understatement of their ages is down to their agency not updating profiles. Who knows?
What does bug me is the way some girls simply don't look like their advertising photos. (I've met a couple of those; both independents). . Then again there have been one or two who look even better in the flesh than their photos, so I suppose it's swings and roundabouts.

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