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Author Topic: Abby/Elli/Sophie/Bessie-jay/Britishbabe  (Read 878 times)

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Offline cunnyhunt

I have just had a story told to me from yesterday.

Friend where I stay visited a woman called "Elli" in St Neots,  Blonde approx 5'5" DD/E cup late 30's. She has had many profiles over the last couple of years the latest being "Britishbabe" she seems to come and go and is erratic in behaviour but he thought he was passing so he would give her a try.

Number on profile (now gone), he called and arranged a meet for early afternoon and given postcode, arrived in road and given house number. in through front door and up the stairs, he said she looked good and was as expected, he showered and went into bedroom she was on the bed and within a few seconds was on, he said plenty of FK (not too deep)OWO he then CIM and over her face and tits and then moved onto RO, then round 2 ws going ok doggy and moving onto more OWO when there was a noise and her son (17 ?) entered the room shouting "what are you doing with my mum" she was straight under the duvet cover my friend said "aren't you going to introduce us" but the son kept shouting, friend stood up and said he figured he was cocky but a bit scared/cautious as he moved away. ( he was correct to do that friend is easy going but can deal with crap) he said he dressed very slowly assessing the boy but he did not present a problem as he kept shouting at mum "you are supposed to be getting back with dad, you been talking on Facebook"
Friend said that it was at this point that he saw the sons GF standing in the bedroom doorway, when the friend saw this he commented "you got a small cock" my friend said "your mum liked it and your GF likes the look of it" and walked from the room and the house listening to the son shouting at mum, he took the phone from her and called my friend from the road outside as he drove away, he did not answer.
He may of called other numbers in the phone as she had paid for number to be shown, my friend thought it very funny and said it made his day for CIM, entertainment and he kept his money (she hadn't taken it)
He said he feels sure she will list again and when she does he will point it to me to list here.

His verdict a Good fuck but get a hotel room.

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