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Author Topic: geographical positioning made that much of an impact  (Read 3459 times)

Offline brookeknights

Thanks for all the advice everyone  :D Much Appreciated

Hello Guys,

How far would you travel to see a WG in the North East?

If you are a regular would you make the extra miles to see a WG you liked if she moved out into the sticks/woolies yet still within 10-15 miles from a city?

AND If you havent seen the lady before but you are interested in seeing her, (say the lady lived out in the countryside) would you travel the distance or would to stick to the inner city escorts?

Just wondering and curious to know if your geographical positioning made that much of an impact on clients interests. 

I'm not touting just curious to know .....

Thanks  :)
I have visited an independent girl a few times, and enjoyed my visits so much I'd definitely travel farther and longer to see her if she were ever to move. I don't drive, but the longer journeys on a bus or the Metro would be worth it, I reckon.

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