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Author Topic: London punt - Samantha Angels Of London or similar  (Read 686 times)

Offline MickNptn


Been a while away from punting so fancy treating myself by heading to London for a long 3 hour booking.

Samantha at Angels of London caught my eye (also at hot-collection although taking agency reviews with a pinch of salt)
Not too sure as noticed theres a bit of airbrushing in the pics (window blinds are bending in some of the pics which meant theres been some shrinking going on)

 Also noticed Layla at the same place

Anyone seen either of the above.

Or anyone recommend a girl (preferably agency, if Im going to be stood up after travelling to london id rather someone picked up the phone and told me rather than leave me in the lurch)
Similar to the above but stunning , CIM , DFK, RO and come more than once. About 150 to  250ph

Many Thanks!

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