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Author Topic: Lola Bell - South Harrow  (Read 14267 times)

50 review(s) for Lola Bell (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Yeah, especially when you can't cim, cum on body etc. you are expected to spunk into thin air, and for the spunk to magically vanish into thin air. As likely as me paying her for a back rub. If I wanted a tug, I could do it myself easily. The demographic of people that actually need her presence is Stephen hawking. And there's no fucking way she'd grasp his vocabulary with her English levels, based on my experience. Maybe his computer speaks polish slowly, who knows.  We are getting off topic I fear.

I met her in South Harrow last year and even-though the session was good, the massage was below average, so if she's just offering massages, I'd skip on that.

Visited last summer for an hour, nice smile and good owo but felt hurried. Once popped, lost all interest and became standoffish. Very odd, needless to say, won't return.

Saw Lola a few times while visiting london, last time was back in Oct.
On that occasion, she did seem to be a bit standoffish and wouldnt do any position other than missionary, and kept insisting I hurry up and cum, but for £60 I could put up with it to get my rocks off. Planned to see her again back in Feb when I was down, but then saw she had changed her services and raised the price, so gave her a miss, but not found a decent enough replacement yet id trust to be ok. Guess over the years she's lost interest.
Shame as she had a good body.

Offline mattylondon

Guess over the years she's lost interest.
She has cute dimples!

You're thoughts pretty much sum up what I've felt about her. Her prices were very competitive, so she must've seen 100s of guys in a very short space of time. It would be enough to make anybody jaded. Simple fact is though, she's long been replaced by others at her original rates. Good luck to her if she can earn more but I wouldn't pay that. Many I'm sure will.

I suppose with the high number of visitors it was too much to expect her to be showered & fresh or am I being particularly unkind? Maybe I just happen to drop by on warm days but she did have a slight pickled onion scent about her!

Offline yuzaru

I saw Lola recently for a massage. I tend to go for massages as I suffer from neck/shoulder pain, and thought why not get a happy ending for the same price. Her massage was surprisingly very good, and she was friendly, chatty etc which made it enjoyable. Nice happy ending too!
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