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Author Topic: Angie of Diamonds  (Read 822 times)

Offline mike336

Has anyone been to see her, she has been on my radar for a while , also if anyone has been to see her how discrete is her flat

Offline DaveMugabe

discrete = on its own, separate, detached, algebraic method
discreet = unobtrusive, circumspect, judicious

I think you mean discreet (sorry my pedantic side sometimes takes over.

Saw Angie some time ago when she worked from shared flat in gosforth I think thats not used now, so cannot comment about flat.

However, she is quite attractive and was very good (maybe 6 or 7 out of 10, but I am very particular).  Offered OWO and A.  Didnt take her up on the A.  would recommend.

Go for it and give us a review.

Offline mike336

Thanks for the reply Dave, only got a e at school for english spelling ////
will give her a go , the reason I was wondering if her place is discrete sorry discreet is that a few of my mates come from Bensham and the thought of bumping into them on the way to the appointment scares me

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