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Author Topic: Elise Adore - Adultwork  (Read 10645 times)

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Offline Totoro


Wow she didn't disappoint! I had been wanting to see this lady for a while as I'm a big fan of her bukkake porn - http://xhamster.com/movies/774760/elise_first_time_bukkake.html & http://www.tnaflix.com/teen-porn/Sexy-British-redhead-debut-bukkake/video222262

She was doing incalls at a nice hotel in the centre of Birmingham and as I was in the area I thought I would check her out.

Elise wore the outfit I requested (slutty secretary with glasses and stockings) and she looks much better than in her pics. She has purple hair now and is very well-spoken and chatty. I felt instantly at ease with her.

After a glass of wine and a bit of flirty banter she dropped to her knees and gave me a fantastic blowjob. Lots of licking and slurping/spitting and she kept eye-contact with me the whole time. After seeing her blow so many guys in her porn vids I knew she would be good but I didn't know she would be this good!

Then we fucked in lots of different positions. Elise is extremely enthusiastic & versatile and I totally forgot that she was an escort - it was just like fucking your girlfriend (if your girlfriend was smoking hot and a pornstar LOL). Her pussy is wonderfully tight and it smells & tastes delicious.

I have to mention her D-cup tits which are just insane. They are 100% real but they are pert and firm like an 18yr olds. Amazing! I came all over them which felt so satisfying it was unreal.

I had paid for an hour but after 45 mins I had cum. Unlike a lot of girls that try to get rid of you as soon as you have splurted Elise had no problem with continuing and I came again, this time all over her pretty face and in her mouth :)

Best punt ever.  I MUST see her again and I recommend that you do too :)

10 review(s) found for Elise_Adore linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Totoro

I posted an earlier version of this review earlier but asked for it to be deleted so that I could write it again in more detail!

Here is another of her vids http://xhamster.com/movies/1388145/amateur_redhead_sucks_tons_of_cocks.html
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Glad u had a good punt - told ya ;)

Offline Totoro

Now on Twitter. Amazing pics of her with a cock in her mouth :) https://twitter.com/elise_adore

Offline temmop

She's next on my list. Seen her vids, read her reviews and checked her pics. I can't bloody wait!

As luck would have it, as i'm minding my own in maccie d's, energizing for a meet with B. Anna pt2, I saw her as she collected a couple of napkins and as she was making her way out.  She is a striking beauty, her hair was died pink, and her figure looked fantastic or her clothes complemented her well. I would never believe she was in her 30s.  The photos match her perfectly, she's a must see for me now. 

I've wanted to get my hands on her so many times, she comes up to Scotland for gangbangs about once a year, but I'd like to get her on her own, shes is sensational, i'm very jealous!

Offline temmop

The one thing that pus me off is working from a hotel.  If she was in a city centre apartment I'd have zero reservations.

Offline Juankerr

The one thing that pus me off is working from a hotel.  If she was in a city centre apartment I'd have zero reservations.
What's the issue with hotel's mate? I've been to quite a few and never had a problem.

Offline temmop

What's the issue with hotel's mate? I've been to quite a few and never had a problem.

It's the fact that the reception staff obviously know why you're there.  I'm really paranoid after a punt, thinking that everyone is looking at me and know what I've just done, so actually walking past/interacting with someone who will almost certainly know doesn't really appeal to me!

Offline spz1234

Unless you have a huge neon arrow pointing to you, I imagine the reception staff assume you simply have a room there for the night.

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