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Author Topic: Raissa 888 london  (Read 3327 times)

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Saw Raissa last week - https://www.adultwork.com/2073738 or https://www.adultwork.com/raissa888 - As per prfile - pictures slightly photo shopped but it is her that you see - I had her on a RB for £200 for 2 hours - Nice location in central London W2

Location - She works with another girl and they share  a flat - W2 top floor flat very nice and clean - good clean bathroom and nice large double bed. Flat was empty so only her and me - parking a was £5 for 2.5 hours as all residential parking. Station is approx 10-15 mins walk. Good comms and she even sent me Non photo shopped pics to confirm face and figure -

Raissa - Tall, good looking as per her profile - a solid 8.5/10 - smooth skin, medium tits great arse and lovely smile - she is 50% Brazilina and 50% Romanian - Been working in a club in Austria for winter and came over here to London for 2/3 months -

Started with me having a quick shower - she was wearing nice matching bra and knickers - light kissing open mouth but not deep FK, moved to her tits and arse and licked her all over - great nipples and lovely pussy shaved to lick all over - her DTBJ was slow and wet and within a fe mins had me hard - mac on and her on top followed by doggy to come. Round 1 finished and I was very hot so had another shower. Bit ore talking - she had a half time cig, not an issue for me as I have given up BUT i still want a cig so nice to smell the cig smoke in the air..

Round 2 - she had me on my front for a massage - OK and then i put her on her front and started to massage her front and back licking her tits and pussy - she moved on to my dick again and had me hard after 10 mins - did 69, and her sucking me as i had 2/3 fingers in her pussy then mac on again her on top, then doggy and then come on her tits and nipples.

Time was nearly up - so had another shower and kissed good bye - a Nice chilled 2 hour 2 round punt.  However some of you younger guys could do maybe 3/4 punts in 2 hours so all good, at my age 2 in 2 hours is my top.

Overall all good - solid 8/10 - 2 hours relaxed chilled punt in central London with a very good looking young girl - I would say more early 20's (21-24) 0 great legs, tall, good looking, clear and smooth skin, good DTBJ and decent FCK. - The only negative was her kissing which was lightm with mouth oipen but no much tongue action -  NOT DFK

Happy Punting

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

You have a great eye panel, she is smoking hot! One for the hotlist I think.

Offline zig033

thanks for the review, she looks smoking, I've got a thing for brunettes.

Her pics do look very photoshopped though, no hair, no birthmarks on skin, perfectly smooth face. Is she as hot in person?


Yes very soft and clear skin -she was also clean shaven however a very very slight growth when i was licking so maybe had not shaven her pussy that day - but she did taste sweet and allowed fingering, great smile and did email me some face and full profile pictures before agreeing to meet so if you are looking to see her ask her to email you her pics she sent me 3 before i agreed the RB Bid .

Offline zig033

thanks for info sounds good  :cool:

Offline mrhappypants

Hello Panel, thank you for your review.  A couple of questions if you do not mind.  From her profile it is not immediately obvious that this isn't covered service;  did you comment on this in your rb?  It also seems to me that you have been experimenting with more expensive punts of late around the £150 ph mark.  The reason I mention this is I am considering doing similar.  Any thoughts on best VFM at this price point you wouldn't mind sharing.  My predictions are naughty, submissive, petite, slim, pretty, young big boobs; OWO CIM role play pretty uniforms and lingerie.  Thoughts welcome and pm if you prefer. 

Thanks again for all your contributions.

Offline Jimmyredcab

You have a great eye panel, she is smoking hot!

In case you missed this part of the review ------------

pictures slightly photo shopped but it is her that you see


She sent me 3 pics of herself to my email address NOT photo shopped - which did confirm that it is her on the profile - as stated on my review her profile is slightly photo shoped - I would say about 10% - 15% - she is tall. very pretty great smile, great tits and arse very good owo, clear and smooth skin and VG value for 2 hours at £200.

She bid on my 2hr outcall for £250, which is £80 off her normal price. I didn't go for it in the end but was tempted. Then again, I suspect her normal £330 is probably notional and few if any actually take her up on it.

But any rate, discounts on the published price are available.


She came in very late on my RB  a couple of weeks ago at £200 for 2 hours incall - just lucky as she was maybe not busy or no meetings that day..

She looks smokin hot, but £100 for just 30mins would be somewhat of a risk for me. Is her english any good and whats her attitude like?

Wheres the nearest tube station?


Yes her english is fine and i went by car so not sure about station - best to call or email her for details

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