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Author Topic: Poll: Sexual health  (Read 3614 times)

Offline softlad

I don't want to put people off visiting the clap clinic, but that penis swab made me scream. It felt like they were sticking a hacksaw blade down me Jap's Eye. Ewww.

I'm a sensitive chap in more way's than one...... ;)
The thought of that horrifies me.  :scare:

Offline oconnor

Active Punters are not supposed to give blood for a certain period of time since their last punt.

Prostitutes are banned from giving blood for life.

Punters should not give blood for 12 months after having sex with a prostitute.

Prostitutes should not give blood. Period.  ( soz about the pun)

There is no ban.  It is a self imposed thing, a decision for the prostitute to make, and if she has a social conscience then she won't.

Why do you always make everything sound so bad mate.

oh well good job im retiring from punting

Offline Steve2

A six month check up was recomended to me by a woman who works there, I told her that I was married and use some escorts, and the frequency of my punting, and was told that in my case six months between each appointment was okay.

If Penatrative sex is requested, I always use a condom, oral I tend to have without so its the main reason why I go to the GUM clinic.

A urine sample is the first port of call, there is always a dr who will chat with you before seeing a nurse, but a swab is sometimes taken from the penis, its nothing they have not seen before, and not in anyway sexual... :).

If you do have a STD they are not going to chastise you, merely ask who you have been with and to contact them if you do show signs of having a disease, they are there to encourage you, and always ask for a mobile number to contact you on, and request the best time to give you the results.

They also do Hep B jabs, so dont assume that everyone in the waiting room is there for a sex health check up.

On my regular checks it involves a chat with doctor, blood and urine sample

The clinic I use has a "no news after 2 weeks and assume all is OK"

They take a mobile number to contact you if necessary

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