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Author Topic: How often do you punt?  (Read 1248 times)

Just been given the news, no punting till November due to more physio :dash: :dash:

Really pissing me off now, anyways, before being laid off, I punted @ twice a week ranging from Middlesbrough, stockton, durham, Washington, Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle, at one point my claim to fame was I'd seen all the Diamonds and Amour girls. Happy days....

I  see reviews on the NE section @once a week and wondered how often you lot punted? is twice a week overdoing it? When I'm back in action I'll be contributing a lot more review wise, until then am I just a sex addict?


about once a fortnight, but not by choice, if I did and had the cash probably at least 3 times a week

Offline DaveMugabe


Varies a bit but on average about once a fortnight. Depends on who I see. If its Diamonds girls for 30min bookings then maybe 2 in a week but if its a more expensive AW for a longer booking then maybe once a fortnight.
But -  like Spartacus123 I will be out of action for a couple of months now.

About once a month for me too. Would like it to be more, but depends upon how much spare cash I have.

Offline Lovely coconuts

Twice a week not surprised your out of action!  Just joking mate hope you recover soon!

I go through phases probably average once a month thoug

Offline toon972

Once a week for me,but I am still fairly new compared to some people.

Offline denyason

about once a week back in 2003, 04, 05, then stopped for a few years, now its once a month.  in total probably over 40 punts at about average of 120 per.   

Offline itk

Once or twice a month for me, however I'll be in Newcastle for 3 days next month, so I've stopped for the last couple of months to give me more money to play with while in Newcastle, liking the look of quite a few girls up your way, as Norwich is pretty awful at the moment in regards to the WG's that are currently working.

Offline Hyborean

Far too much lately (read 3x in 1 week) but on average once or twice a month..

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