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Author Topic: Mel - Sophia's Angels - Wellingborough, Northants  (Read 1011 times)

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Offline MethodMan


£110 for 45 mins. Might be pricey for some, but I live in a punting desert, adding travelling costs would cost the same if not more visiting any other town/city. Decent one bed flat close to the town centre.

Not the best pics but they give a fair enough representation of what she looks like, profile has two ages, she can easily pass for either, IMO, she looks 20. Enhanced breasts, slim body, attractive face and 100% British. Very friendly and very good attitude.

Services offered - DFK, OWO (deep throat), RO and protected sex. Very good GFE. I enjoyed my time with her and would recommend and see again.
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight caught out harassing, stalking and outing another member for daring to criticize his favourite whore whom he is obsessed with

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