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Author Topic: Black Label Agency  (Read 806 times)

Offline oral4me

Seems to be getting some good review on PN. Anyone have any experience of their services? Specifically Lilly or Kelly?

Thanks in advance!

Offline fenderswoop

Can't help you with the two you've asked about.

However I'm pretty sure that Chloe used to be known as xHannahx or something similar on AW.

I saw her a few times and she was quite good. Kissing was a bit lacklustre but gave very good OWO and allowed CIM and was very enthusiastic when you got round to sex. Back then she was 100 pound for the hour but not sure if I'd stretch to the 150 that she is advertised at on black label.

The thread on PN has referred to the place being run by a girl called Sky. I have asked whether this is the same as HoneySky who used to be on AW as she used to do duos with Chloe/Hannah but haven't seen any response to that yet.

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