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Author Topic: Amy Posh  (Read 2654 times)

Offline jaz22

Been browsing around the web a little this morning and have a few options in mind.  I am near Milton Keynes and am tempted to visit Annabelles, but will be heading into London later in the afternoon and came across this lady:

I've tried to search for any reviews/feedback on her but can't find anything here.

Any suggestions for this afternoon, heading into London via M1, so anything that falls off at J1 vicinity would be perfect.


Offline jsparky

I put her in my hotlist for sometimes, because I like her look, if you decide to meet her this afternoon, please report back.

Offline loner

I met her, her face is not very pretty, but her body is as per photo so if youre picky about the face, it may be an issue, but for me, the boobs and ass does it. She seems slimmer in real life and speaks little english. It was an OK punt but I think I wont go back again.

Offline Rowntree

I agree with loner.  Think she works from a flat in Brent Street Hendon.  The girls come and go every few weeks.  Saw her a year ago but did not return.

Offline jaz22

Thanks for the feedback and comments.
I tried to call her on Sunday, however she did not pick up, so I counted my blessing and will see when I next have an opportunity to make an impulsive appointment.  Or might find impulsiveness in another corner of London.  Thanks to you guys there's plenty of other recommended ladies out there.  :thumbsup:

Offline darkdeep

I saw her on Sunday. She's probably 35-45. Face not bad but not really pretty. Body is very hot. Friendly but was much more into giving me a massage than sex. She complained that I should not be expecting 40 minutes of sex "it's too much". I thought she was having a good time but seemed it was a bit more pain than pleasure for her
Pity because I thought as an older woman she was going to get going - but she didn't at all.
I usually cum once during a punt and want to do everything and just cum at the end  - she didn't like that.

 - I left unfulfilled and  called Maria (Massage Edgware - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=899685) - she couldn't see me but texted the picture of prettiest girl I see in ages. Ended up having the hottest DFK, deep throat and rimming session from uber pretty, friendly size 14 girl called Lisa. But can't find her profile anywhere.
So not really a rec from me on Amy Posh.

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