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Author Topic: Rio's Naturist Health Spa - Kentish Town  (Read 56792 times)

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Offline Digz2012

Thanks for the reviews guys. One of my friends told me about this place a good 7/8 years ago and said we should take our partners.Glad I didn't as its not really my mrs cup of tea but good to know what goes on behind those doors and who knows may see what it's like one day!
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some great reviews. I am thinking of going for the first time end of this month most likely to be a thur or fri probably mid afternoon what is it like at that time of day ?

I've never been at those times but I would assume more people(women) would be there in the evening. 

It's also only naturist(nude) night on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays(6pm-midnight), so don't expect to see much boobage if you go during the day on Thursday or Friday.

However, you might get lucky.

Offline UberX

it is something different nudist scene but if I cannot get the opportunity to shag from such spot it will be pointless for me. :(
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Offline yaa tere

Do they offer massage with happy ending there?? heard about this, and would go this way if i am not lucky

Do they offer massage with happy ending there?? heard about this, and would go this way if i am not lucky

No they don't and to be honest, you wouldn't want a HE from the Granny that massaged me.

Offline mrmore

Is the Massage with a towel over you ?

No towel.

This was on a Naturist night.

Offline mrmore

Going to give this place a try next time im there, although as it will be late afternoon not expecting to see much

A wg mentioned this place to me recently, anyone got any recent reports on visits there?

Seems very hit and miss
Would be interested to take a wg here on couples night, interested to here of recent experiences if anyone has any.

Offline albsure69

Going to have to get an overnight trip to that London organised and pop along here for a eveing

I love letting it all hang out/stick up anyway.

Offline yessss

I have taken escorts there on 4 occasions midweek. If you have trouble with guys who won't take no for an answer let the staff know and they will be warned/expelled.

As for the massage, on an unaccompanied visit I had a fairly good no nonsense massage from an ok looking EE woman and only as I was getting dressed asked about extras, she said, I should have mentioned it earlier so I believe it is possible depending on your masseuse (they can't earn much without). No idea what you might get and how much you might have to pay.

Online will-ow

Ive been to Rios only twice but I really did enjoy it! But i had hired a girl to go with me.....

I found there were only two kinds of women there, hired, or want men to look and not touch (a mid 40's blonde in chairs room getting angry when a guy started to touch himself a little), hence getting a WG!  We all like a good massage with a booking but i just thought, guaranteed sex, and everything in a small spa setting...why not? went for 2 hrs at 7-9. Spent alot of time jumping from sauna , pool and jacuzzi, where my girl was rubbing my shoulders in the tub. I think i saw 3 other women the whole night!! I can safely say I felt a little smug to be led into the private room where we had some hot doggy!!
I loved the drinks available but I wish they did provide more adult pieces (baby wipes, condoms, lube and maybe the odd vodka?) but for a relaxing evening.... i enjoyed myself 

Offline Jerboa

I've never been, it just sounds like a cockfest, with to many desperate blokes.

Offline Macca 68

Banning reason: Threats

yupie thats indeed her...


Occasionaly she takes incall when there is facility available for her..else only outcalls ...only criteria for Rio with her is you should be 40+ so she feels she can act up like a GF coming along....

Offline FootieMadJonny

Been many times. You're allowed to bring your own alcohol with you, which they keep behind the bar for you and you can go back and top up your drink :thumbsup:
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Offline surya2k


i am looking to make a visit tomorrow 13th May 2016, during the day time, can anyone tell me its like?

How busy does it get during the day time?


Offline jb061

Hi all,

I'm hoping to pay a visit there on Wednesday next, September 14.

Can anyone tell me how it is now and how good the massages are, please? I was thinking of an hour-long Swedish. Do you know if that gets sensuous?

Also, will anyone be there early on Wednesday - lunchtime and after?

Thanks for any advice.



I really really can't recommend going during the week - accompanied by a female or not.

I only ever went on the naturist nights.

Of the 2 or 3 times I have been  this year, I swear the male presence has increased.

There was even a 1-2 hour period one night, where there were no females at all - the staff all looked very amused and/or pleased with themselves.

However, I've never had a bad Saturday(couples) night there.  Ranging from some fumbling to full on fucking.

Online pong

Apparently there was afire today forcing people to leave in a hurry.

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