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Author Topic: Nicole Aberdeen  (Read 1050 times)

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Offline rpg

This is a review of a girl I recently booked through AW but her profile has gone as I think she only works a few days a month. See her profile on the awful site instead..http://www.escort-scotland.com/8b19d82a754f4/Nikki/scottish-escort.html

Well I think this is one that needs an "average" rating really. I booked her for a 1 hour roleplay in Aberdeen over the phone. She is very definitely English with a cultured accent. Her flat was just off the main street. Trying to gain entry was a bit of a keystone cops moment. She's in a top flat and the entry door is on a very narrow pavement immediately next to a taxi rank. Thankfully there were no people waiting for taxis but there were cabs sitting. She was on the phone telling me to push the door hard when she pushed the button upstairs. No matter how hard I pushed, the door wouldn't budge. Eventually she said she had  the code written down and would text it to me. I turned round to lean against the wall only to see the first 2 cab drivers watching me! After a minute which seemed like 5 the code was sent and I got in. Nikki met me at the door in appropriate gear for the roleplay I'd asked for. As you will see the photos don't give much away face wise but if anyones interested I thought she looked like Nicky Hambleton Jones http://www.nhjstyle.com/. She's very thin with lovely tits which she told me were uplifted rather than enhanced.
I was ushered into a small but tidy bedroom which I actually hate. I wish more escorts would allow you into their living room first but this seems to be rare nowadays.
I wanted roleplay, OWO and as I knew she didn't do CIM I was keeping my options open as to whether I finished with full sex or COB.
She excelled at the roleplay and the OWO was OK (certainly not the best I've had) but I was turned on enough to have sex. We started with mish but it was the old knees up to stop you going too deep, eyes closed and quite quiet. I've never been bothered with DFK but at one point I tried to kiss her but it was obvious she wasn't into it. So realising this wasn't working and I would soon lose my erection I turned her round and came fairly quickly with doggie.
So for me the roleplay was very good and if I stuck to OWO and COB I might see her again. For those of you who like GFE, DFK etc I'm not so sure.

Offline Daffodil

Nicky Hambleton Jones? How'd you now her, and what do you know about 'personal style'? :D

Sounds lacklustre and, again, it's a shame we don't have an option for 'neutral' when leaving a review.

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