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Author Topic: Independent Jasmine  (Read 3023 times)

2 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 1819328) (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline oinki


1 hour incall booking with this lady. She is from Poland and does indeed work independently from her flat that she lives in. The location is close to Acton main line but a fair walk from the underground. The flat is tiny, shower facilities was offered and used and its a squeeze to get into the shower and even undress in the toilet - flat wise it wasn't impressive but there is a double bed and that is really what counts for what I am looking for.

The negatives first. She wants extras for the CIM and facial as well as fingering. There are pictures in her pg (forgot to save), and they are accurate. However, she "paints" her eye brows which is unattractive to me and its a shame because facially she is not too ba' maybe 7 of 10 but with the slap on her it was more or less 5 or 6/10 (comparing with sheela who I rate around 8-9). She uses lube (negative for some)

Started off with striptease, she wasn't wildly great and did so in a playful way rather than sexy lap dancing way, came to bed and started full on dfk, with lots of licking, tongue sucking, and well... proper dfk. She went down on me after while, blowjob was average+ (i do have relatively tight foreskin so most bjs are average unless the girls know how to handle this or I direct them - which on hindsight I probably should more often), but eye contact and licking of balls and shaft showed that she made an effort to the art. After awhile she went on top and her technique was good, no grinding which is good but rather her doing the job by moving up and down with her body and boobs to mine (which is really how to do it to make it a gfe). This continued for awhile switching between her moving and me thrusting. Missionary was good she was enthusiastic and used her legs to drag me in her, which is always an indication of her wanting it and helping us in rather than just letting us do the job with her legs open. Both positions there were eye contact as well as dfk.
Not too much to comment on doggy style, I thrusted her til I came, and she took the pounding well. By this point I was knackered, having come straight from work. Got a surprisingly good massage after having been offered soft drinks. Showered off the oil from the massage and went my way.

Considerations. She is perfumed, in a very girly raspberry and strawberries kind of way. Shower gel were of similar girly smell.

Would I punt her again? Probably not, but I am moving to the next one type of person, but her  way of delivering her services deserves a positive for me. I mentioned sheela above, which was a negative punt for me, as her services were below par for the money spent (no dfk e.g. just literally gentle kissing and no anal!).

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Glad it went well, I think this is the first review for her on here. She came up on my search a while back when I was in the area. Good VFM. I'll try to follow up if I'm in the area again.

Offline random

I saw her about 2 weeks ago and did mean to do a review before. I booked for half an hour and it was overall a positive experience for me, she's one of the most friendliest welcoming girls I've met from AW. Her English is very good too.

The bathroom was cramped and very pink, fluffy and girly but clean. Started off with her suggesting reverse oral which I took her up on, shortly after was offered 69 but I'm a little worried about having owo (which she was happy to give) so decided to skip past that and went straight to sex. Her on top with some dfk followed by doggy. Felt good and eventually came but it was a little slow for my liking and not much thrusting back from doggy position. Had a little massage and chat with her to finish off.

Something else to mention she has a pet Chihuahua which she kept in some kind of pet case in the room. It felt a bit weird having it there next to the bed but it made no noise and I quickly forgot it was there. She let it out afterwards and it was quite a lively playful thing so be aware if your worried about dogs. Overall good value at £60 for 30 mins and she's very pretty and cheerful so I may return.

I had noticed another profile which seemed to belong to her
I tried contacting this one in fact when I initially  couldn't get through to her Independent Jasmine profile and left a text but never got a response. I eventually did get a reply from the first profile hence the booking. I didn't realize the connection until afterwards though else I would've asked her about that.
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Having seen her this afternoon (I will be returning) she is as mad as a box of frogs! She is away for a few months to have her breasts enlarged.

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