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Author Topic: Alexi @ Bluebelles Sheffield  (Read 2013 times)

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Offline Fatbrian

Name: Alexi

Establishment:  Bluebelles - 202 City Road, Sheffield.

Website:  http://www.bluebellesbabes.co.uk/main.htm

Date of Visit: 28/01/2011

Time: 1 hour 3-4pm

Basic Price: £80

Extras Cost: £20 OWO (£10 for each ½ hour)

Description of lady: 5’ Short petite slim girl, A cup breasts size 8 hips. Nice looking with mousey brown/blonde highlighted hair; reasonably pretty.


I’d noticed Alexi after reading some good reports but had been put off by her poor photos and the fact that she worked Fridays. During Christmas time I got to meet her but not punt with her, she was prettier than the blue belles photos suggest.  I had an early finish so I took the chance to see her this Friday.

The parlour is decent enough, not Sandy’s standards, a bit of a shabby reception but the room and bed was decent enough; easy street parking and reasonably discreet. On to the action...

I arrived in time, I was offered a drink, Alexi was available so it was straight up to the room.  I had brought along a few items of clothing and she was happy to wear them. I found her friendly enough but quiet and submissive. We started with a spanking session, nothing full on more a play around and quickly moved onto kissing and cuddling. She kissed my body, sucked my nips and moved down below to give a decent blowjob (owo). I suggested after a while that she come into a 69, which she did. I sucked and played with her puss for a bit.

After a bit I wanted to get onto the main event so I suggested we get fucking. We moved into missionary where she was full of kissing and this was good. I worked hard, getting up a bit of a sweat so I suggested she jump onboard, which she did. The sex in cowgirl was ok but we just couldn’t get a good rhythm to suit so we switched to doggy.

I pounded her hard and changed the rhythm several times while going at it in doggy and sure enough the climax built and I shot into the rubber with a good ejaculation.

We had a lay down to recover for a few minutes while I recovered. After about 5 mins with some kissing and cuddling my cock was stirring so it was onto round two. Kissing quickly moved onto OWO where I took hold of her head and gave a bit of face fucking and then her giving some ball licking.

I then went down on her for a bit of RO for a little bit and then I was ready more shagging. Again I entered her in Missionary, tried her again for a little bit on top and then for a sustained period of doggy fucking. I pounded away for a good long while and built to a climax and shot my load once again.

The hour was about up. We had a bit of a chat and the knock came mid-way through getting dressed. I paid, said thanks and left, I was about 10 mins over time.

In Summary; overall it was a good and decent punt, shooting twice and finding her technique good. However I don’t think we fully ‘clicked’ and I’d have liked her to have been a bit more ‘up for it’. It was good.

Recommend: Yes.

Return: Possibly.


Cheers FatBrian.

       your reports are always good for info, and its intresting to read some of the details you post, about the ladies you see.

       I would be intrested in seeing Alexi, if I was in the Sheffield area, so again thank you for taking the time in doing the report.

Offline Fatbrian


I see the whole point of Punting forums as being there to share punting information so I write accurately and in detail so other punters hopefully find some of the information contained useful.

You  might or might not be aware but I am active on several punting forums but tend to treat each community/board separately. The only cross over tends to be the Field Reports.

I'm not on punting websites to go on some ego trip or give others an ego trip. That isn't meant as some subtle swipe at anyone or owt. In my years on punting boards some punters seem to want kudos or acknowledgement etc. I find this laughable as its not as if you are going to go down the pub and brag to your mates that your 'the man' on some prozzie discussing message board. 

I'm just here to share and pick up info on working girls and places. I didn't mean to go off on a tangent there.





          I have read your reports on a few other forums, and have spoken to you about a lady you seen in a pm on another board, and agree with you that its all about giving and getting info, I always use a differant name on forums as I have no wish to create another persona of myself, but its a good way to speak out about what I do to others who are like minded about punting like yourself.


Offline softlad

I noticed in your report you paid after the event.
Quite strange for a parlour that, especially as it was your first time with this lady.
Nice touch though, other's should take note.

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