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Author Topic: Isabella from Passion VIP  (Read 1421 times)

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Offline Hyborean

Have just been looking on Passion's site again and seen that they are advertising this woman as the PERFECT GFE. What a load of bollocks!

I saw her a few weeks ago for an outcall after seeing her and thinking she looked like just my type.

Her pictures are fairly accurate but she has put on weight and her arse is much bigger. I also think she is more likely 5'10" than 5'8". Still cute though. Seemed friendly enough.

That's where the positives end.

Very little oral and it's OW only.
Lacklustre hand-job.
Doesn't do kissing - of any sort.
Doesn't do any sort of caressing touch.
Looks off into the distance the whole time and very mechanical.
Started off in cowgirl and then had to switch almost immediately as she was tired and told me to do the work.
Told me to "Come already"!!!
The moment I did come, basically whipped me out and threw some tissues at me before I had finished!
Spent 10 minutes at the start apparently telling the agency everything was fine and then her "driver" was constantly ringing and texting for the last 20 minutes and she wouldn't ignore it.

Reported my feelings to the agency after she left. They were no help and basically told me that is I didn't like her, not to book he again!

PERFECT GFE MY ARSE!!!!!! :angry:

Perhaps we should have an agency/parlour feedback section or list feedback for agencies etc as well as WGs?

Send them a link of this and may start listening!

Offline Hyborean

I agree! They have feedback on their site for each girl but it's amazing how there are never any bad reviews!!! I guess they somehow all get 'lost'!

I saw a shit girl at passionvip and left feedback but obv not published (before my time here and can't rem her name) but also saw an Indian WG that was great but as you say P'VIP are shit and don't give a fik what service the WGs do much different from HOD I believe

Just saw this and had to post. I don't use escorts much just when bored or one takes my fancy but I have used Passion as my go-to for a few years since they used to have fab English girls and always showed up on time , but their new crop are so awful so I pretty much gave up on them and I will never book a foreign girl from there again -  they are all damp squibs and the feedback is a load of BS

If you want a true GFE with a very sweet, naturally pretty girl with a wonderful personality then go for Jenna. She clearly loves her job and loves to please men, well worth every penny. Really cannot say enough good things , best escort I have seen

I wouldn't mind booking Jodie but I just don't trust the feedback.Anyone seen her?

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