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Author Topic: devotion birmingham -MAYLING  (Read 831 times)

Offline PUUNTER28

hi , does anyone remember mayling who worked at devotions quite a few years ago ,

and quite a long shot but is she still working anywhere :D

Online Stapler

I remember her!

Small girl in height with BIG tits which I creamed with relish!
Don't know where she is now.

That's been a few years ago. She is probably long gone.
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Offline zootalors

Saw her once,drained my bollocks twice in 30 minutes.Said initially she didn't swallow.....she lied :-)

Offline PUUNTER28

yea its gotta be about 8 years or so since i saw her , it was at the old devotions that used to be on water street ,

not like the bearwood place was , wouldnt go there again   :crazy:

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