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Author Topic: Get a Chromebook for punting  (Read 554 times)

Offline sixtyten

Google's Chromebook is not a bad bit of kit if you can live in the clouds. If you can't, it's probably not for you though you can use an external hdd.

But it has some advantages for use with punting; You can't install software on it which means no 'keyloggers' or viruses from 'nefarious websites', you log in with a Google account and this can really beef up your privacy (NSA excepted  ;) ).

Anyone can log in to the Chromebook with a Google account but they only ever see their history, files etc. never yours.

You can also implement two-step verification, which means when you log in, Google asks for a code which is either generated from an app or from a text message. Set this up on your punting phone and you can effectively have two PC's; one for day-to-day stuff and one for punting and totally private and all on the same device.

When it comes to AW the only problems I have found are with video. Forget about rentals due to the DRM restrictions however you can very easily or sometimes automatically download video. Some of the formats are not compatible e.g. WMV for playback but if you can download, you can play it elsewhere.

Works a treat for not much more than a Droid tablet.

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