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Author Topic: Name Changes With No Negative Feedbacks, Why bother?  (Read 1027 times)

Offline AnthG

I am just really curious what people come up with as suggestions to this. But as Tuesday and Wednesday is now my weekends for this month I noticed Amour have started a discount plan for Wednesdays (brilliant idea by the way if Stacey ever sees this).

So I was thinking this is the day I willy try my best to book with Tiffany again. I look and I am bummed as it seemed she had quit Amour. So I look at the news section and I see no mention of any "Tiffany has decided to retire / take a break" I think 'bit disrespectful for them to do as Tiffany has been literally one of the best ever bookings for me', I cannot be unique in that, so surely she deserves at least a "bye thanks for your work" news article at the very least, but nada.

So anyway due to the Wednesday offer, I go to Amour to search down the lists to see if there is anyone else to possibly take this chance to see. And I see Ava in the lists.


Same calander photo for Tiffany, same area. And when I click on Ava's name (via the non calender link as the calender link is not working as that just brings up a black page) it brings up clearly Tiffany as my review for her is there but changed to Ava (the link on the other part of the website has not changed).


So this therefore makes me think, why has she done this. First of all, Tiffany was right down at the bottom of the list on both the Calendar and Girls lists as it was all done alphabetical. So she stood right out. Now she is mashed right in to 10th place in the list so is hard to find due to many girls there having names starting with A and hers is A-V.

She has gained a load of reputation - as far as I can see all good - as Tiffany. I have been ranting all over she is the best thing since sliced bread and one of my favourite ever bookings - as Tiffany (and before that Amber). And now she has upped and changed her name to an unknown Ava?

So first she was Tiffany, then Amber, then she said to me she realized she was known best as Tiffany so back to this, and now she has swapped to Ava?

She cannot dislike the name Tiffany as it will not be her real name it will be a fake one she made up. She can't be worried about secrecy as it took me 2seconds to see the same Tiffany photo's on Ava. She has a reputation as Tiffany. So why swap to Ava?

The only thing I can think it could be is I can see she has went from 19 to 20 (so in the last month had a birthday) and maybe thought now she is no longer a teenager wants to be something else. Similar to how TeenKylie went to YourGirlNextDoor when she hit 20, but then back to MissKylie.

The thing is changing your name just innately makes people think its due to a negative review and I cannot see any on here or auto-censored for her?

So anyone have any ideas why girls do this. As it just seems a totally daft thing to do.
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Offline zootie

So anyone have any ideas why girls do this. As it just seems a totally daft thing to do.

Likely trying to pass as a new girl.

Not everybody will know her history as Tiffany and some may think 'not heard of Ava before she must be new'

Who knows.  :unknown:

I agree it seems odd if she gives a good service and has a good rep. 

Offline Girlhavingfun

I was wondering the exact something...was gutted when Tiffany disappeared from the Amour list...maybe Stacey will answer

Offline portable

Yeah, I can't work it out in the slightest. I was going to see that girl at Pinkescorts/AW/somewhere else... Holly/Natlie/Nicole? but it puts me right off. Just seems a little bonkers to be honest.

Offline stacey@amourescorts

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Someone who knew her as Tiffany has been ringing her family... so a quick name change so Tiffany was no longer found the person trying to find her will only be looking for Tiffany, few distinctive pics deleted and a slight age alteration (she is 20 soon anyways). Purely for her identity, no other reason for name change. xxx

Offline Girlhavingfun

Thanks for clearing that up Stacey x

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