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Author Topic: Goddess Karolina  (Read 1381 times)

19 review(s) for GODDESS KAROLINA X (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline malenko

I've just come back from seeing Karolina

I was late as I couldn't find her place (I'm from Wales) and she was a bit cross with me at first. Her English is good not great and that probably added to her frustration. Physically she's hot- very toned back and shoulders with big boobs for her frame. Tanned and dressed great. Flat very tidy and modern. From looking at her though I would put her as mid 30's- facially she is attractive but I wouldn't say she's stunning. You will have seen prettier girls. Her body though is legit very very hot.

While she was cross at first as the meet went on she seemed to warm up. Her performance was spectacular- she's very assertive and will tell you what to do. I go shy with condoms so all we did was oral both ways, and some rimming on her. her oral skills are fantastic, i especially enjoyed her slapping my cock against her face which I found really really hot. She's into it and I had to tell her to slow down. When you go down on her she proper grinds on your face which was amazing, she's like that girl off the Bond movie who kills you with her legs, really tightening against my head! She stood over me, showing some amazing views of her body, before lowering on my face. Brilliant!

I eventually came while 69 with her- she was very clean and tasted great.

All in all I would rate her 7.5/10 looks wise but 10/10 for performance - I found this to be a legit PSE, there's not much talking and she's very dirty. I will return! :drinks:

Offline Daffodil

Good review, glad you had a positive time  :drinks:

One bit of advice, post their AW link in future so it's easy to click on their profile.

Cassandra4u (in the review section here) would probably be right up your street. She might be away at the moment, but intends to return.

Offline malenko

Thanks for the advice mate, i keep forgetting to link, D'oh  :dash:

Your right, that cassandras right up my street. Good shout  :thumbsup:
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Offline shining1

link is https://www.adultwork.com/1715274
I saw her in Bristol a good while back and she was very good, quite dominating (not dominatrix though) which I enjoyed at the time.
she's marked as being on holiday at present.

19 review(s) found for GODDESS KAROLINA X linked to in above post (18 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Seen karolina back in July I think. As people have already mentioned the picture on her aw profile isn't her. Anyway had a lot of trouble getting in her app to see her. The front door to the app blocks was faulty and wouldn't open. It didn't help that it was mid-day in a busy part of cabbot circus and absolutely sweltering. So everybody could see me sweating profusely as I'm trying in vain to open the door all the while on the phone to karolina saying "is it open yet?" in her broken english. Could tell she was getting quite annoyed with this. This went on for about ten minutes. Eventually she dropped a key from her window to the ground, so I could get in.

Physically she looks quite nice. Would have her down as mid thirties. Would've liked it if she had put the light on so I could see her face a bit better. She likes to be in control throughout. She gives the best bj, slow and deep whilst tightly grabbing the base of the shaft. Did ro and had sex in missionary. She came very quickly in this position, in like less than a minute. Didn't really do that much else throughout the hour. Finished with a facial. Would defo see her again.
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