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Author Topic: Butterfly Karin  (Read 2500 times)

Offline thequery

Anyone ever seen Karin before?

She's been around for a couple of years, had many new profiles and this is the latest.

https://www.adultwork.com/2067567  https://www.adultwork.com/Butterfly+Karin

I've always noticed that every time she has a new profile, user names Chadjacksonbadass and Maxstriker always (almost straight away) pop up on her feedback with a positive. It's why I've been hesitant to see her because it smacks of fake feedback

Same goes for Sweet Bianka too.

Anyway, would like to hear your thoughts or experiences.

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Offline Acer

They're part of that Czech group jenni.1 belongs to. Karen is very good. She was one of my first on AW.

Offline billyjo

They're part of that Czech group jenni.1 belongs to. Karen is very good. She was one of my first on AW.

Did she used to be called Nina on an old profile?

Offline UK_T

They're part of that Czech group jenni.1 belongs to. Karen is very good. She was one of my first on AW.

Not anymore mate, shes not apart of that bunch anymore. 

Offline UK_T

Did she used to be called Nina on an old profile?

No, Nina is in Coventry under the name Sexy Mia


I've seen her a few times the girl has an amazing body and very good.
She usually works with a girl called bianka who is also very good but they say in their profile they do a lesbian show which they won't and they won't do cim again which they both claim to do.
If this isn't a prob well worth a go...

Offline Pauluk1

Excellent review Dilletante.  Looks like one for the hotlist.

Offline thequery

Would love to see Karin again but the thing that put me off was bumping into the concierge. She was outside having a fag when I approached the entrance asking me which room I wanted etc.

The meeting with Karin was fine in itself but i just didn't want to face seeing the concierge again. If she weren't outside, could she be easily avoided?

Offline dilettante

Can't imagine what the problem was, I didn't understand the entry procedure and buzzing her didn't work, there were at least 2 security staff and didn't bat an eyelid at me, I just waited until one of the (mainly ethnic Chinese) non-clientele was going in and hitched an entry off them.   Why don't you just skulk on the RHS away from female concierge reading the moral turpitude written on your face until such an opportunity presents itself?

I know what you mean though as after seeing Jenny once the concierge was pointedly "cleaning the windows" of the stairwell door just as I was going into the lift - I bet he could see the flat had been accessed, give it an hour ... what sort of punter was it this time?  :D
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Offline Topgun

I met Karen around christmas time 2013.
I didnt think she was all that. Like the other guy above said in his review - limited FK but not a deal breaker because she really does have a flawless body with a good looking face, her bum is to die for very toned.
She is a pure prostitute, her pricing reflects that... so I suppose what you pay is what you get.

Perfect looking no doubt about it, if you just want a wam bam thank you mam with a beautiful fit young woman then she is spot on. There is almost no passion with her.

At first she seemed to be interested but as we got into the sex i got the feeling that she just wanted me to hurry up and cum and leave (we hadnt been at it for long). When i was fucking her she said i was hurting her by grinding too hard onto her pubic bone... strange ive been with around 50 women they all seemed to like how i do it. After i came as soon as i pulled out of her pussy she quickly took off her stockings and hurried out of the bedroom, then basically it was goodbyes.

Id give her looks a 9.5/10, blowjob 9/10, sex 6/10, kissing was dull.
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