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A reverse booking with Lexi a borderline eventt so I gave her a negative, but only just really.

Lexi sent me through her face pic, which she looks stunning in, so I just booked her after a few brief emails to ensure she was genuine.
My first and second mistakes were not speaking to her before the booking.

She's a smoker and has enhanced breasts (two turn offs for me)

Anyhow so Lexi arrived and she wasn't as hot as her picture. She's about a 7/10.
Although she is actually a model and working! so each to their own.

She's also late 30s (though that may be the smoking)

She started off by grabbing my cock straight away, which wasn't very nice.
She kisses a bit like a PSE and tasted of smoke.
I was going to call the whole thing off at this point, but decided I may as well see what would happen rather than ruin an evening.

Round 1 -
Kissing - average
I went down on her which was great, though not perfect as she is older than expected and it shows...

She returned the favour but didn't CIM or swallow...
Though I must admit she does Deep throat really really well and got me to cum really expertly.

We chatted for a bit and it turned out she is a really nice girl. easy to talk to and interesting. Leading a models life.

So I was able to go for round 2 once again going down on each other and finishing on her breasts.

1) Great body (but for an older lady!)
2) Great oral

1) Smoker
2) lies about services
3) Enhanced breasts

Overall 5/10
For providing a decent service as she could manage.

But I do wish I'd gone with someone else.

Have learnt I need to talk to the girl rather than just emailing and be more specific about my wants rather than just assuming.

2 review(s) found for SEXY_LEXIxxxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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