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Author Topic: Sevvi - anyone seen her?  (Read 494 times)

I'm a little bit bemused by punt last week.

Thinking with my little brain I contacted Sevvi on AW as she was showing available today in Camberley. I am normally quite cautious when choosing escorts and despite having no face pic (not even a blurred one), she had 17 positive feedback so all seemed well and worth a risk.

Went to her hotel for the punt, paid my £80 for the hour and she promptly produced a pen to check the notes. The sign of an experienced wg who had been stung but I was fine with it. Profile said she was 30 which I would say was accurate, and Russian (which may not have been).

Once she took her bra off I immediately thought I had been a victim of bait & switch. Her tits were small like the photo, but really saggy not rounded & pert. The rest of her body was tidy though. Anyway, the money was paid and small brain was already poised for action so I continued. Punt was average but did include a nice bj, a-level and cim/swallow.

Afterwards she told me she had only been doing this a week but was in the hotel until Weds (yesterday). Of course I did not believe she was a newbie and looked on her AW profile next day which said joined Dec 2012. Looked at the photos and pretty sure they were not her tits in the photo. Went to look at her feedback and it was hidden! Now, I definitely would not have booked a pro$$ie with hidden feedback so this must have changed overnight. Also, the profile was not showing available today as I would have expected seeing as she was holed up in a hotel.

Anyway, next time I looked the profile was gone completely. Was I really that bad  :scare:

I haven't put this in the reviews as I consider the action to have been ok, but not happy feeling I might have been a victim of bait & switch (a first for me).

Just wondered if anyone else had seen a pro$$ie in Surrey called Sevvi?

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