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Author Topic: Who Do You Punt With, Through And Why?  (Read 4425 times)

Offline smiths

Who do you punt with, through and why?

Only with Indies.
Only through Agencies.

Only through Parlours.

Only through Parties.


Combination of above.

Indies, the occassional Parlour and Parties for me. IMO Agencies just put the cost i would have to pay up especially in London.

 A good Indie at a good VFM price particularly if local to me is always good, might become a regular and can be a good plan B option if plan A goes tits up.

A Parlour might be convenient to me if in its area or as a plan B option as well.

Parties obviously offer something a bit different to a 121 punt with multiple WGs on offer.
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Offline daveev

Myself i only use independents, i sit at home they come to me, chances are im there only one for that day, no chance of seeing anyone else coming out the girls room, have a regular and its very easy when she arrives, she walks in no knocking, locks the door behind her, easy to contact and never lets me down, still nice to see others from time to time, but still have them come to me, my answer.

Offline Ben4454

Only through parlours.

The reason being over the last couple of months I haven't made enough money for me to take any unnecessary risks with indies. I think indies can be a lot more unpredictable than lets say a well established agency/parlour with a reputation to uphold.

Right now I am making a enough money so in the upcoming months I will be indulging in indies primarily. I think once you find the right kind of WG who does the services you enjoy to the standard you like then that would be the best.
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Offline DannyJames

At the start of my punting career I used agencies exclusively; adultwork may have been around but I was not aware of it then and the agencies I used served me fairly well.

Moved on to indies after a while and used indies for 95% of punts until a couple of years ago when I first used a parlour. Currently about 50-50 between one parlour and various indies.

Offline Andre 3000

Usually indies only for me.

I also enjoy them coming to my place for an outcall. I control the location and feel better as well.

Also post punt when she leaves I can bask in post punt happiness, instead of what used to happen a small surge of joy followed by the realisation that you're now going to have to get back through central London. Usually at rush hour.

Offline Jimmyredcab

Anywhere ---------------- except parties, simply not my thing.  :hi:

I tend to avoid agencies because of the risk of bait and switch.  :thumbsdown:

Offline denneboom

I'm a parlour punter, it's so easy. There is a lot of choice in Birmingham, I can just turn up with without booking and take my pick of what's on offer. If I don't fancy anyone I politely decline, leave and go somewhere else. I have done that 3 or 4 times in the past year. They open from 10 in the morning through til 5 or 6 at night.

Some have twitter and Facebook profiles and websites so I can see who is on before I leave the house, or I can call them.

There are 11 or 12 parlours that I know of giving varying levels of service, I have a flat mate so I can't bring anyone to my home.

I did book an independent once, she lives a 5 minute drive away and provides an excellent service from her home and has done for 10 years. She has her own website with full face pics and an AW account, but she works in the daytime which sadly is when I do.

Offline AnthG

Only agencies many reasons.

1. I innately think almost all girls on AW are PG scams these days.
2. I don't like travelling to Timbuktu for a punt as usually indies live miles away from me whereas (up until recently) I could via an agency get the girl come to a local flat for the agency.
3. I get nervous speaking to indies on the phone (embarrassing to admit I know), plus indies are usually very poor on the phone. Agencies take likely 20-50 calls per day so have got it down to a set routine of what to say and how to say it. So they are easier to talk to.
4. I want someone to fall back on  - the two large agencies in Newcastle Amour and Diamonds, both offer freebies or discounts if you have a bad punt. Try getting that off an indie.
5. I like reviewing girls and for a long time I got stuck in the idea seeing the girl via an Agency was better due to auto-censored not allowing independents reviews due to them being on AW - Subliminal advertising at its best I think.
6. I know my way there. For a long time I went to the same flat, so I knew my way there so I was not risking getting lost and I could plan it down to the minute how long it takes me to get there.
7. I often think innately Agency girls are mismanaged girls doing this short time as desperate for the cash. As opposed to career prostitute wannabees who sign up on AW. I find the former attractive the latter less so.
8. I have found Agencies are usually cheaper. Girls get on AW and think they can outprice what they were getting on an agency.
9. Easier to pick who to see. On AW I need to hunt through page after page of girls most likely not working today, on an agency they are all just neatly listed on one page who is available today and no fannying around reading their profiles and their lists of rules and everything.
10. And one final one to round it off. Both Amour and Diamonds have made me feel they value and like my custom, they chat with me on the foums, via PM, and always strive to follow my many suggestions to them, so I like giving them my money. 
*Edit* 11.  Thought of another, I feel less of a scum bag leaving a negative review for an agency booking than for an indie. (don't know why that is, but I just do).
*Edit 2* 12. Thought of one more. Agencies, I can phone and have a booking within an hour, try that with an indie. They normally want 24hrs in advance at least. And thats if they pick up their phone at all.
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Offline Jimmyredcab

I agree with AnthG on one point -------------- I am totally disillusioned with Adultwork, finding a gem on there is like finding a nugget of gold in ten tons of shit, the influx of Romanians has only made matters worse.   :thumbsdown:

My punting history has realy changed with how much spare cash I had.

Started with parlours.
Then went to indies tried a couple of agencies but felt let down by the service and attitude of the girls.
Did try a couple of Natashas parties when she used to bring girls uoto Birmingham, a bit surreal but good fun.

Now back to indies for the majority of my punts but still do pay the odd visit to parlours when I'm a skint.

AW is really hit and miss so if choosing off there I normally trawl through the FB to see if anyone who has left FB has seen someone I have seen already and see what they have to say.

All my punts have been with indies, or so I believe! Never been to a parlour, agency or a party anyway.

When I first starred punting I had a 2 prong approach - strictly parlours in this country and indies or agencies in Moscow where I lived for 6 years.
But since I was introduced to AW I only go for indies now in the UK either here in London or in Manchester by home town.
Couldn't imagine going to a parlour a London again to mechanical and grotty

Offline pdq

started punting cause other half was using sex as bargaining tool and she seemed to have gone off it

allways used AW since 2006
allways used to use indies where I can see some pictures e.g. look at hands , skin to get an idea of age and also the background of where the punt will take place - used to look if swinger was ticked and then see f I could match up who they were partying with

now still only using aw but search methods have changed ( I know the distances to most sheffield leeds hotels from where I live - Barnsley)
e.g. Clarence Dock,   Bewley, Hilton in leeds are13.8

look for escorts I know are likely to be in those sort of places as some recent incalls to some pretty ropey houses have put me off visiting folks houses and I feel a little more secure. Its a trade off as ee girls in the hotels aren't so flexible but there are some willing sexies who make up for the mediocre punts   

I also changed how I punt in times when I started I used to go for 2 hour fuck fests and was able to achieve what I want being fairly busy ans made sure I used the time. used to love ffms.

but being a type 2 diabetic I find these day unless I really regulate my blood sugars for about a month or so my ability to keep harder for about 30 mins or so is pretty poor so now look only do 30 min meets or so. I also now look for more extremes e.g. she dont do anal shes not considered   
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Since one of my regular Parlour girls went Indie about 7 years ago [and retired a year later], I've seen Indie milfs I've located through AW.

Offline Lz-129

Only indies at the mo, want to try both parlour and party at one point, money is holding me back now :(

Only agencies many reasons.
I have been mainly using AW and indies for 95% of my punts over the last year. Ive tried a couple of parlours, but the whole setup felt a bit too commercial, so wasn't really my cup of tea.
When I started out, I booked a couple of agency girls, but was "bait and switched" with both of them. Either they were totally different girls to the ones in the pictures, or the pictures were photoshopped like crazy.
From your comments, it makes it sound like agencies might be a good way to go afterall. I was under the assumption that most agencies only operated outcall services, its interesting that your local agencies do incalls.

I'm using agencies at the moment.

You know where you are with them. You get to know them. They get to know you. You know where the apartments are. It just seems the quickest and easiest way to me.

Offline Jimmyredcab

When I started out, I booked a couple of agency girls, but was "bait and switched" with both of them. Either they were totally different girls to the ones in the pictures, or the pictures were photoshopped like crazy.
That is quite normal, especially when they use photos with faces blurred, they will send whoever happens to be available.

I used a local agency a few times, on one occasion they sent me a Dutch girl ---------- with a cockney accent.   :dash:

Offline hornylad

I have always gone for indies. I visited a parlour once and found it a little cold and clinical. I was certainly not comfortable there.

However after recent events I am reconsidering who I see, how and when. Maybe agencies are the answer. I always thought they were primarily for outcalls and I normally do incalls though.

Offline smiths

I have always gone for indies. I visited a parlour once and found it a little cold and clinical. I was certainly not comfortable there.

However after recent events I am reconsidering who I see, how and when. Maybe agencies are the answer. I always thought they were primarily for outcalls and I normally do incalls though.

Depends on the Agency if its Incalls or Outcalls. In London at least the norm is to go to the Agency WGs own premises if an Incall, or your place or your Hotel if an Outcall. Some Agencies might provide the Incall premises though. It was Agencies that lied to me more than any other form of punting i have done, so that and their outrageous cost in London means i wont be punting through them again.
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Offline zootie

So far only indies doing incalls. I'm loathe to pay inflated agency prices.
But I find that a lot of indies are unreliable, disorganised or work part time so it can be a pain getting things organised.
I've lost count of the number of emails that have gone unanswered or last minute cancellations I've had.
I have a business trip coming up and I'm thinking of doing an outcall to the hotel.
Might try an agency then to make sure I don't have a wasted evening.

I think I have been lucky that I have found an agency that seems to be well run and the girls are all OK (so far). I also used an agency that was not so great and just didn't go back.

I tried AW a couple of times and just got messed around. I did most of my punting abroad on business trips and have only started going 'local' this year. Things are obviously quite different in other countries.

Parlours don't appeal to me, but I might give them another try. I have only been to one so far and it was absolutely shite.

Always Indies. I refuse to pay money to agency pimps and it's never, never, never at my own home. The last thing I want is some prostitute taking down notes about my electricals in readiness for her drug dealer boyfriend to collect while I'm out.

I only use agencies that have incalls. I never do outcalls.

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