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Author Topic: Lexxi Bubblebutt  (Read 852 times)

Offline jsparky

Have anyone seen her? Nice butt!

Offline dami3n


could she be any faker?

first red flag is the rates for that area and for an alleged 19 y/o or in any case a fit young thing like that??? ummm - no! (by the way i doubt that face is 19)

3.25 PG for 24 hours and she can't list a number? yeah right

profile is pretty desperate to direct you to PG and the text descriptions on the PG is very descriptive to entice you - I'm sooo convinced it's written by a guy
"I've just uploaded new pics/vids PLEASE check them out"
"tell me what you think AFTER you watch it" smart fella :sarcastic:
"please read my profile AND look at my private album BEFORE getting in touch"

trust me if the girl holding the verification pic in the gallery and those tits in the bath were available in oxford circus for 80 bigguns? ...well hail mary

oh yes hidden feedback :lol: don't waste your time it's a private gallery scam
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Offline Urban_G

Why does she hide her verification photo, but post one in her gallery? :unknown: Sets the alarm bells ringing.
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Offline EnglishRebecca121

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offers bb
profile written by someone else as uses she not me
almost every likes ticked
will see anyone no one writes that !!
hidden feedback

100 percent fake

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