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Author Topic: Miss La Creme  (Read 2818 times)

Offline _Bender_

Anyone experienced seeing Miss La Creme, I'm pondering about seeing her. She has good feedback, her body looks amazing (but no face pic) and her offers are just what I'm looking for.


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Offline aardvark

She looks amazing. With a body like that she would have to be a real gargoyle to ruin the punt. For £100 what have you got to lose (apart from £100)!!!

Offline _Bender_

Mmm... Gargoyle ... That's what I'm worried about!!

Thanks aardvark.

Stay well away mate, trust me. Looks like a mummified monkey skeleton.

Offline James999

Those hands wouldn't be out of place on an irish navvy, no wonder she wears gloves in her pictures  :vomit:

(Left hand)

Offline _Bender_

Oh well, I'll be keeping well clear!! thanks.

Offline rnrn636

Wow. Nearly booked her but thought i would search her name first on here.  So glad I read this and the links to the other thread.

Thanks for the many warnings

Offline potato

If you read her feedback, one punter was offered BB as she had run out of condoms.....

Offline zootalors

If you read her feedback, one punter was offered BB as she had run out of condoms.....
She advertises BB.

Offline bluboy

 :hi: guys. Wasn't planning on joining the board but I came across this post and felt an urge to warn fellow punters off this one. She was calling herself Penelope crème when I saw her in a flat down Rubery way a few months back. Bedroom was a tip and during our time together she asked me if I liked bb. It hadn't been advertised on her profile and I told her to toss me off and I then left with a rather uneasy feeling. 3 days later I got a message off her saying phone me to which I ignored. 10 minutes later same txt so I made the mistaken choice of phoning her. Anyhow she came out with a story so full of shite and then at the end of it asked me to transfer her some money out of my bank account to hers and she would deduct the money off our next booking which I hadn't made and had no chance of making. I told her to keep the fuck away from me and changed my number. She seems bad news chaps and I would ask folks to steer well clear of this crackpot.

Offline Juankerr

Thank god for UKP!!!! had this one on my hotlist as the sexy milf fantasy....no longer!!!! great info everyone.

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