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Author Topic: X PLATINUM x CINDY X  (Read 10308 times)

74 review(s) for X PLATINUM x CINDY X (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline rf017

This guy seems to have a beef with Cindy. Fuck knows why

I've seen Cindy a number of times. She has her own mind to makes her own decisions.

Something pissed him off and the only way to get back is to take swipes at her on here.

In life there are always dissatisfied people and this guy seems one of them

His comments are unjustified. Her feedback speaks for itself hardly anyone comes close to it.

Cindy in my eyes is the best of the best.

Me being one of her regulars has great respect for her along with many more

Look end of the day i would point the finger at her regulars...6 months ago she wanted to enhance her appearance for example she was thinking maybe botox or larger boobs....6 months later she changed her opinion 100% and told me some regulars may not like me looking like that, so i am not doing it.

END of the day, for these so called "regulars" suddenly push her away from this is beyond me, after seeing her again she is persistent on her new decision. These "regular" clients are acting like her dad. Clients come and go and will not be around for longer than a year and for them to act like this with her, has changed her to something she was not when she started this job...

If only we can identify these "regulars" of Cindy. She is a great performer / escort but i think the requirements and requests of regular clients are taking their toll and they should understand this.

So what's your problem if she changed her mind regarding enhancing her appearance? It's her body so she can do what she likes with it.

People can give their opinion to her, some may give her the opinion that she looks perfect as she it and does not need more plastic surgery, some like yourself will give her the opinion that she should have more plastic surgery, but the final opinion/decision is hers and it should be respected.

Offline andrei

i've not seen cindy but she is on the list for sure, but this guy claiming she was influenced to change her mind by her "dads" is plain stupid

erm, she has regulars who see her as she is now, if she changes her appearance they may not see her, so she makes a busness decision to stay as she is

its common sense

think about it, if you had a customer facing job would you really go out and get a mike tyson style tatt on your face, do you think it wont have an impact on your job

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