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Author Topic: Sexy Holly Teen  (Read 2112 times)

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Met Sexy Teen Holly in the SE, but she tours. Booked 1 hour in-call for £130.

Holly answered the hotel door looking a bit frumpy. Nothing sexy about her clothes, almost no makeup, and hair messily tied up.

Throughout the whole meeting, Holly showed absolutely no enthusiasm for physical interaction or making me feel good. After a lot of Holly talking about herself, I moved in for a kiss, but was met with a very closed mouth. Had to strongly suggest we shed our clothes which she seemed to need some convincing to do.

On the bed, started to play with and suck on her very lovely tits; she soon rolled on to her front and started talking shite again. She asked what I liked to do, and then completely failed to provide it, despite being on her profile.

Had a good but short hand job (I was very aroused due to the anticipation). After cleaning up, and a bit more titty play, I asked Holly to take off her panties, which she was reluctant to do. Once off, she lay on the bed, with her legs tightly together. Obviously no fingering on offer.

Asked to give her oral, which she agreed to. Over quite quickly as she "cums quickly", and then pushes me away.

Thinking that I'd go for sex, tried to get hard again, but completely failed. Her hand technique was really not good enough to arouse this time, and not at all delicate. There is such a difference between just touching bollocks and sensually touching them. Tried to wank myself hard, but the effort to overcome the absence of her enthusiasm was too great, so that was that.

One 2 minute hand job, no kissing, no fingering, no sex (my failure, admittedly), nothing vaguely interesting.

   French Kissing: No (any kissing was apparently off)
   Oral (with or without protection): No
   CIM: No
   Everytime I suggested we change position she complained that her hips hurt or she had cramp.

   Body: Fantastic
   Tits: Very nice and pert
   Pussy: Very nice and cleanly shaven

So, physically, Holly is excellent, but her attitude sucked. I would have had more fun with a sack of potatoes, and they wouldn't have talked incessantly about her personal problems. I wonder why she bothers, and how the heck she has such good feedback.

Not good fun or good value.

Oh Maris Piper, where art thou?

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline liquidman

Sorry to hear that as she's been on my HL for a while. Leave a feedback on AW? The more realistic feedback, the better for all of us etc.

Sorry to hear that as she's been on my HL for a while. Leave a feedback on AW? The more realistic feedback, the better for all of us etc.

Save your money and see someone else. Any one else.

I see that she has fucked off to Brum, at the same rates as when she was in the SE.

One of the worst experiences I have had. Holly had no enthusiasm throughout the session. No makeup, plain clothes, no kissing. She talked endless rubbish.
Response:    I am sorry but we didn't click

Petal, you're not there to "click". You are a pro$$ie - you are for hire. You should just do (obviously within agreed and legal bounds). And WTF has your piss-poor clothing and absence of make up got to do with "clicking"? You really couldn't be arsed, could you?

I learnt during our session that you were just about to go off for a few weeks on holiday (as you said many many times), but that's not really of interest to me. That doesn't get me off.

You really taint Louise's girls in a bad light - I'll not visit any of you again.

Removed from my hotlist. Thanks  :)

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